Vegetable spaghetti, how to make them

Vegetable spaghetti, how to make them

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Vegetable spaghetti: how to prepare homemade vegetable spaghetti with a simple vegetable slicer. Creative ideas and recipes to get zucchini spaghetti, carrots, potato chips and much more.

Thevegetable spaghettithey are a good culinary alternative to the classic durum wheat pasta and represent a creative way to bring vegetables to the table. Thezucchini spaghetti, for example, they are perfect for the preparation of first courses, second courses, side dishes or to decorate any course. In short, they are extremely versatile and allow onetideof combinations.

Zucchini spaghetti, how to prepare them

To prepare thezucchini spaghetti, carrot, beet or any othervegetables, you will need a special kitchen tool. Nothing too expensive or electric, it's simplevegetable slicerthat allow you to obtainspiralsof zucchini, carrots,potatoes, beets or other. Vegetable slicers are easy to find on the market but do not always allow you to obtain the so-called vegetable spaghettibecause not all of them have spiral blades. In this paragraph we will point out some products from Amazon (all with free shipping costs) that will allow you to prepare thezucchini spaghettiand other vegetables, at home.

Kitchen-nv Spiralizer
Also this time thevegetable spaghettithey are made by hand but the Kitchen-nv offers three different blades. Following the purchase, the seller will send you a book of low-calorie recipes (low in fat, low carbohydrates and low in calories) but the book may be in English. The cost of this vegetable slicer is € 18.25 with free shipping.

Hand models do not allow you to obtain larger vegetable spirals such as potatoes or beets. In this case, a vegetable slicer with crank and support base might be more useful. Also in this case we offer you two of different price range.

Kuuk slicer
According to the experience of those who have already used this vegetable slicer, the plastics are very robust and can be washed in the dishwasher. The vegetable slicer includes three different types of blades: one for making vegetable noodles (ribbon vegetables), a blade for vegetable spaghetti and a blade for vegetable linguine, that is a middle ground between the strips of vegetables and spaghetti. Also very convenient for making chips at home. The price is 27.95 euros with free shipping.

Westmark vegetable slicer
It is Amazon's most bought and appreciated vegetable slicer. Also in this case the kit includes three interchangeable blades. Suitable for both fruit and vegetables (Kuuk is also). The price is 33.19 euros with free shipping.

Advice for choosing:

if you intend to use it for the preparation of first courses, you will want to buy a crank model that allows you to slice more vegetables in less time. For slicing small quantities of vegetables, so if you intend to preparevegetable spaghettionly to decorate dishes, or enrich salads, the model to be turned manually, without crank and support base, will also work well. Consider that the support model is more cumbersome to store.

Not just vegetable noodles: homemade chips

Thanks to the vegetable slicers with crank handle, it is possible to prepare potato chips (crunchy like those you buy in bags!) To be cooked in a strictly ventilated oven or in the microwave. Just cut the potatoes with the vegetable slicer, season them with your favorite spices (pepper, cheese, paprika, extra virgin olive oil ...) and cook in a ventilated oven for a few minutes. To obtain a flavored effect, leave the potatoes to flavor with the spices for a few hours before cooking in the oven.

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