Tropea red onion, cultivation

Tropea red onion, cultivation

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Tropea red onion, cultivation from sowing to harvest. All information on the characteristics of the Tropea IGP onion dictated by the Protection Consortium.

Tropea red onion is the right variety for those who love sweet onions.

Exposure and cultivation land

For thecultivation of the red Tropea onionchoose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Before planting the bulbs (or sowing if it occurs in the open field), fertilize with mature manure or compost.

Tropea red onion: sowing outdoors and transplanting

Therered onion from Tropeait suffers from low temperatures, so choose a period with a temperate climate for outdoor sowing (in late spring for those sowing in the north and early April for those sowing in the south). The sowing of the Tropea red onion can also take place in summer. The seeds of the red onion of Tropea are easy to find on the market. You can choose between the round variety and the long variety.

If you start thecultivationstarting from the plants already developed (available for purchase at nurseries), you can plant them by spacing them 15 - 20 cm on the rows and 30 cm between rows.

The same distance must be followed with sowing, or, if you have sown theTropea onionindoors, plant the seedlings when they have reached a height of 15 cm.

When to harvest onions?
The Tropea Red onion is ready to harvest when the aerial and visible part begins to bend and turn yellow.

Tropea Red Onion, cultivation and care

Irrigate only in the absence of rainfall: the red onion from Tropea(as well as onions in general) are undemanding and very resistant vegetables. When the bulbs are more superficial and protrude from the ground, pay attention to water stagnation because they can rot easily. It is necessary to carry out the classic control of weeds and in this context weeding and some hoeing can be useful to oxygenate the soil.

Onions and diseases: the onion fly can also attack theTropea Red Onion, in this case, to prevent infestation it is advisable to grow onions in combination with carrots. Carrots are natural repellents against this fly. Another common disease for onions is downy mildew, it is recognized because suddenly you will see greyish leaves that dry up quickly. In this case, we recommend the use of cupric products as explained in the article dedicated to remedies for fungal diseases in the vegetable garden.

Characteristics Red Onion of Tropea PGI

For the characteristics we refer to those set out by the Red Onion Consortium of Tropea

ThereRed onion from Tropea IGPit has very specific characteristics: it is sweet, crunchy and naturally red. TheConsortium of the Red Onion of Tropea IGPdictates what are the techniques ofcultivationto respect the organoleptic characteristics of the product obtained. Obviously, since it is a PGI product, the production must be reported in the Protected Geographical Indication areaTropea - Calabria. They can be definedred onion from Tropea IGPdifferent autochthonous ecotypes of the Allium Cepa species, in particular:

  • the flat round onion (primaticcia)
  • half campaign (medium early onion)
  • the elongated (late) onion.

The production area of ​​the Red Onion of Tropea with the IGP mark is located between the provinces of Cosenza, Catanzaro and Vibo Valentia. Therered onion from Tropeathat we cancultivatein the context of our garden, it will never comply with the standards proposed by the Consortium for the Protection of the Red Onion of Tropea PGI (unless we live in the geographical identification areas of Tropea - Calabria) but the organoleptic characteristics obtained can come very close to the accompanied product from the IGP mark.

For other tips on growing the red onion from Tropeayou can follow the general indications on "how to grow onion“.

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