Ariegeois: character and breeding

Ariegeois: character and breeding

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Ariegeois, even if we call it Briquet du Midi, does not cease to be a French dog very often used for hunting. It is in fact a breed that is not very widespread outside its country and belongs to the group of bloodhounds and dogs for blood trail.

Ariegeois from wild boar

Classified as hunting dog, and in fact hunting dog, L'Ariegeois it is particularly distinguished by its skill when dealing with prey such as hares andwild boars. In its history it has never recorded a successful boom, it has always remained well-liked in its homeland, without depopulating, and not very widespread elsewhere, outside the territories of the southwest of the France.

In fact, the first Club was born in its area in 1912, called "Phoebus”, A reality that has always been very busy in its small way. By organizing various moulting trials year after year, he demonstrated to many Frenchmen the many hunting qualities of the breed Ariegeois.

One wonders why it is not very widespread, then. The most suspicious and enthusiasts argue that it is because it is not a pure breed. Strange, even some fellow citizens of the same say Ariegeois while others, who do not plot behind this beautiful animal, are of the idea thatAriegeois is a pure breed like any other.

And they also indicate its origin: its ancestors are two dogs with noble blood, even. The "Gascon Saintongeois" and the "Bleu de Gascogne", To which according to some currents, a little race would be added"Briquet". Origins not certain, but almost: the slanderers could only be envious of his performance in hunting small game. Nobody beats him in the south of France.

Ariegeois: puppies

From the morphological point of view, Ariegeois puppies are of the braccoid type, when adults reach the size of a medium-sized dog: if males at the withers measure from 55 to 60 cm, if females they can range from 53 to 58 cm. This breed is characterized by a light build, fine body, and distinct appearance. Many say it looks like the “Dog of great Veneria", It is partly true, at first glance, but theAriegeois he is certainly lighter, on average, and is also smaller in stature.

His dry physique he is not overly thin or slender, however he maintains the right proportions that make him a good hunting dog. The chest is deep, the abdomen is a little tucked in but rather flat, the head appears elongated and light, it has no wrinkles and no dewlap. The muzzle and skull are both narrow, with a black nose with well-opened nostrils as it is good for an excellent hunting dog like the Ariegeois.

Two fine, fluffy and crumpled ears emerge from his head as his dark, wide-open eyes look at us. Nothing escapes him, no prey, no person, no delicacy. The tail of the specimens of this breed is a saber shape. As for the hair, it is always fine and short, it can appear black and white, also speckled or blue, pale fire to the cheeks and above the eyes. Some may also appear small bright red patches.

Ariegeois: character

Despite being a hunting dog, the Ariegeois it has a character and temperament that are honestly considered excellent even for being a companion dog. Even if he does not hunt wild boars and hares, he knows how to find other valid occupations in the family, it is enough to allow him to do his hours of movement. Also necessary to keep you healthy and not get fat.

L'Ariegeois It's a dog very intelligent and obedient, it often goes by being a rustic and resistant breed, a little "Spartan" but in truth it behaves and is not a savage. Indeed, he is loyal at heart, undoubtedly faithful to the person who looks after him. Once he meets his master, he never abandons him, covers him with affection and attention, stays close to him and always tries to follow him. Obviously it's for him it is essential and essential to obey at your best at the controls.

This is why not only during hunting trips but also on family days, theAriegeois proves to be a perfect life partner. He does not forget his origins and to make him happy he must be taken to hunting but he does not disdain even the simple going to explore new wooded areas with no prey to chase and capture.

Ariegeois: farms

Although not considered among the most popular hunting dogs, theAriegeois it is a breed that in Italy can count 7 dedicated farms, all recognized by ENCI and reported on the body's website. Then there could be others scattered around the boot, I recommend contacting the "official" ones. There is one in L'Aquila, in Abruzzo, one in Modena, in Emilia Romagna, and yet another in Perugia, in Umbria.

Both Lazio and Tuscany host two farms of Ariegeois each, on its own territory. Those from Lazio are one in the province of Latina and one in that of Frosinone, while in Tuscany we find this dog raised in the Cuneo or Novara area.

Ariegeois: price

A Ariegeois cub it can cost come on 500 euros up, a lot also depends on the purpose with which you buy it and on the pedigree you expect. Whether as a great hunter, wild boar predator champion, or as a family dog, handsome and alert but not necessarily infallible hound. In Italy there are about 700 specimens of this breed, according to the ENCI website, with a fairly stable population trend over the last decade.

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