Toyota Yaris Hybrid: increasingly environmentally friendly

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: increasingly environmentally friendly

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid:technical data, prices and characteristics of the Toyota Yaris hybrid. How does the plugless electric motor work and how much consumption is.

It was 1997 when theToyotapresented its first hybrid car to the public; Toyota hybrid cars have come a long way in the past 20 years, so much so that the Japanese company offers a wide range of carshybrid: the Auris, the Yaris, the Rav4 hybrid SUV and the Toyota Prius flagship that uses technology Toyota Full Hybrid. On this page we will bring to your attention all the characteristics of the much loved oneToyota Yaris Hybrid, we said “loved” because it has already satisfied millions of motorists.

ThereToyota Yaris hybridoffers all the advantages of electric mobility, eliminating any worries about autonomy and charging times.

Zero stress to calculate autonomy and the possibility of exploiting zero emissions to accessZTL (Limited Traffic Areas). Among the advantages of the hybrid are the possibility of obtaining a reduction on the RCA policy, free parking on the blue lines and a reduction in the car tax.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, how it works

ThereToyota Yaris hybridit is a car that among its mechanical components includes an electric engine and a battery pack but does not have a charging socket. The question may arise spontaneously ... then how does theYaris Hybridif there is no electric charging system?Charging the battery pack of theToyota Yaris Hybrid is not left to chance! A small petrol-powered generator recharges the on-board batteries and powers the electric engine. Gasoline is used to produce highly efficient electricity and power the electric motor. If this doesn't seem very efficient, you are wrong… iconsumptionthey speak clearly! In addition, thanks to the braking energy recovery system, every time you are about to waste petrol by pressing the brake pedal, this energy is converted into an electric charge to be allocated to the on-board battery pack.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, consumption

As evidence of the low fuel consumption there is the Euro 6 emission class. The combination of electric engine and thermal engine allows theHybrid Yaristo offer low consumption both for urban travel and in the mixed cycle.

The maximum values ​​of consumption referred to the range Yaris Hybrid in combined cycle (urban-extra-urban) they amount to 27.8 km traveled for every liter of fuel burned. In the urban center, where fuel consumption is highest, road tests recorded fuel consumption not exceeding 30.3 km per liter. THEconsumptionreal values ​​measured with road tests do not differ at all from the consumption declared by the house, on the contrary, in some cases they are even lower.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, technical sheet

  • - Engine: Petrol Hybrid
  • - Displacement: 1,497 cc
  • - Power: 74 kW (101 hp), also available fornovice drivers
  • - Maximum torque: 111 Nm
  • - Approval: Euro 6
  • - Transmission: automatic with variation
  • - Front-wheel drive
  • - Load capacity: 286 liters expandable up to 950 liters by sacrificing the rear seat
  • - Maximum speed: 165 km / h
  • - Acceleration from 0 - 100 km / h 11.8 seconds
  • - Range: 1,091 km with a full tank (36 liter tank capacity)
  • - Available versions: cool, active, style, trendi

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, price

There Toyota Yaris Hybridis offered at the promotional price of 13,900 euros for the versionCool which features, as standard, E-CVT continuously variable automatic transmission, multimedia system with CD radio, MP3 player, six speakers and USB connectivity. On-board comfort is ensured by the spacious interior, the dual-zone automatic climate control and legroom even for those traveling behind. With the Cool version offered at the promo price of 13,900 euros, you have electric front windows, exterior mirrors in body color (heated and electrically adjustable mirrors) and 15 ″ design wheels. At the end of the promotion, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, in the Cool version, will be available at a price of 18,700 euros.

For all information on the promotion, please refer to the official Toyota website and the page dedicated toPay per Drive initiative.

Prices for other versions:

  • Yaris Hybrid Active: price 19,900 euros
  • Yaris Hybrid Style: price 21,400 euros
  • Yaris Hybrid TrendRed Edition: price 22,000 euros

The Trend version in Red Edition immediately stands out for its contrasting two-tone bodywork. All versions offer very complete equipment with a ratioequipment / pricewhich strongly takes into account the needs of every motorist.

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