World Environment Day

World Environment Day

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World Environment Day, it is the most important day of the year for those with a green heart. It is celebrated every year on June 5 and is an important date in which the whole world should stop at least an hour, even if there are 24 in a day, to think of the increasingly pressing need to adopt effective measures for the protection of 'environment. There World Environment Day it's not just about the powerful; even if it was established by the united nations, it affects each of us. The environment is ours: whose if not?

World Environment Day: when it occurs

The June 5th from 1974 is celebrated the World Environment Day: it was set up by the UN General Assembly to concentrate energies in particular on that almost summer day in a capillary work of raising awareness among citizens on everything that causes suffering to the environment. Raise awareness and also to give rise to political actions on the thread of sustainability.

There World Environment Day still today it is a point of reference, not only as a date on the calendar, or in the agenda of the powerful and the less powerful, but also to take stock of the situation and set new goals. There at the beginning of June, when the whole world smells like holidays but for many they have not yet started, at schools just or not yet closed, the World Environment Day it gives us the tasks of the holidays, leaving us time to reflect in the summer months on how we are acting to safeguard and save the environment in which we live.

There are over 100 countries around the world that the June 5th turn their attention to the theme of the year. Every World Environment Day he has one just as he also has a host country which for that year was the fulcrum of the initiatives. Even if the idea is there maximum capillarity.

World Environment Day: what is being celebrated

On World Environment Day, we celebrate the fact that we still have an environment to save and we must become aware that it is not a fact that is due and taken for granted but must be protected and safeguarded with the utmost attention. And investments, time, money, words, word of mouth.

Both on the theme and for that precise year it acts as a common thread, and links all the global initiatives taking place in World Environment Day, and in general on what are the main problems that afflict us on the green side. Unfortunately they are more or less the same every year, because for decades, "Gattopardianamente", we change to never change.

But on June 5th comes the World Environment Day as an opportunity to wrap up. Any State, NGO, and regional committee can do this by participating or organizing initiatives or campaigns for the day itself, but also by planning more lasting actions. I ask too much if I say "swerve" with respect to your own line of environmental sustainability?

World Environment Day 2020

To celebrate this day, theISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) organizes a round table on the theme of the dramatic decline of nature and to stimulate concrete actions to stop and reverse it.

The round table will be held today 5 June 2020 from 10.30 to 12.00 in Rome and will also be broadcast live on the web accessible from the ISPRA website.

The round table will be attended by the Minister of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Sergio Costa, and the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Food and Forestry Policies, Teresa Bellanova, together with the top management of ISPRA and experts and technicians from numerous institutions.

The objective of the event is, first of all, to respond to the UN invitation to all countries to contribute to raising the global awareness of citizens on the theme of the decline of nature and to encourage concrete actions to stop it and reverse the trend. .

Furthermore, with this initiative, ISPRA intends to stimulate dialogue between the competent authorities and stakeholders to achieve the nature conservation objectives that have been defined on a European scale and which will be decided on a global scale.

World Environment Day occurs, among other things, a few days after the publication of the communications relating to the "Biodiversity" and "Farm to Fork" Strategies, with which the EU intends to build the transition towards a sustainable and resilient European Union, and along the path that must lead to the UN Global Agreement on Biodiversity, on the occasion of the summit that will take place in Kunming (China) at the beginning of 2021.

Below you can see the official Ispra video prepared to promote the round table organized on the occasion of World Environment Day 2020.

World Environment Day: official site

There World Environment Day has his own official site: www.worldenvironmentday.globalthat, in addition to providing good indications on what can be done, to those who discover almost the same day that June 5 is important, also has the duty to keep memory of what has happened over the years. For better or for worse.

Unfortunately, the site is not available in Italian (and this is not a good sign). The available languages ​​are: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Kiswahili.

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