Natural remedies for brittle nails

Natural remedies for brittle nails

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Natural remedies for brittle nails: effective remedies and useful tips to naturally strengthen flaking, brittle or broken nails.

How ugly the nails that break… they are certainly not a good business card for our hands! Having perfect hands allows us to make a good impression without risking that the first date starts in the worst way.

Brittle nails, causes

Brittle nails could be a symptom of a thyroid gland problem (hypothyroidism) or a symptom of a vitamin deficiency (particularly biotin). In this page we are not going to analyze brittle nails as a symptom of a physiological dysfunction but we are going to address the problem for its own sake. For the resolution of problems of a pathophysiological nature, we recommend that you contact your doctor

Natural remedies to strengthen nails

If the problem of weak nails depends on the poor care we dedicate to them, we can resort to some natural remedies. Among the most effective we have:

Remedy with oil and lemon

Olive oil is a highly appreciated ingredient in the field of cosmetics. Let's see how it can come in handy for brittle nails.

  • Ingredients

-15 grams of olive oil
-5 ml of lemon juice

  • Procedure

1) Pour the olive oil into a container with the lemon and mix well

2) After having washed and dried hands and nails thoroughly, apply the mixture on the cuticles

3) Massage well so that the liquid penetrates the skin without rinsing

4) Repeat the treatment 3 times a week, preferably in the evening before going to bed

Alternatively, we can replace olive oil with almond or tea tree oil

Remedy with vinegar, oil and beer

Also for this recipe we will use ingredients that are easily available at home

  • Ingredients

-10 ml of beer
-10 ml of organic apple cider vinegar
-15 grams of olive oil

  • Procedure

1) Pour the beer at room temperature into a container

2) Add the vinegar and olive oil and mix well, until you get a homogeneous liquid

3) After washing and drying your hands and nails thoroughly, dip your fingers into the mixture

4) Leave on for about 10 minutes

5) Rinse with warm water

Herbal remedy

Herbs cannot be missing in our recipes, our great allies of beauty and general well-being. This do-it-yourself remedy will not only strengthen your nails and will give them shine.

  • Ingredients

-10 grams of dry horsetail
-10 grams of comfrey
-250 ml of water

  • Procedure

1) Pour the horsetail into a saucepan and consolidate it

2) Add the water then heat up

3) Once it has boiled, let the decoction cook for 5 minutes

4) Remove from heat and let cool

5) Drain and dip clean fingers for 10 minutes

6) Repeat this process several times a week.

Remedy with papaya and egg

Everyone knows the therapeutic properties of this tropical fruit in the care of our beauty. If we add the enzymes and nutrients of the egg yolk to these ingredients, the result will be even more effective. An ideal treatment for brittle nails but also for dry hands.

  • Ingredients

-20 ml of papaya juice
-1 egg yolk
-5 grams of almond oil

  • Procedure

1) Pour the papaya juice into a container then add the egg yolk and almond oil

2) Mix the ingredients well until you get a very homogeneous mixture

3) Apply the mixture on each nail with a gentle massage

4) Leave to act for half an hour then wash your hands with cold water

Remedy with oils and honey

Among the most effective essential oils to strengthen brittle nails we have castor and wheat germ. Combining them with honey, the result will be a marvel

  • Ingredients

-10 grams of castor oil
-5 grams of wheat germ oil
-8 grams of honey

  • Procedure

1) Pour the two oils into an empty nail polish bottle.

2) Add the honey, close and shake well

3) Apply the compound with the brush as if it were nail polish

4) Repeat every evening, before going to bed, for a month.

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