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Teleservice and Telemedicine

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Teleservice and Telemedicine, in order to be assisted and followed by avoiding or postponing any hospitalization over time and, if and when we are discharged, remaining followed in the best way, but at home. Let's see better what services these are, at what point is Italy and some best practices to be "spread" throughout the national territory. For the benefit of all of us, possible users, and of public health.

Teleservice and Telemedicine: definition

There remote assistance is medical assistance carried out at a distance, a distance filled by state-of-the-art devices capable of detecting and transmitting data relating to patient parameters through communication technologies. The telephone, but not only. A "tele-assisted" patient remains at home, therefore, but with all the clinical parameters measured constantly and transmitted to health facilities so that, if necessary, a medical emergency and alerted those in duty.

The benefits of Teleservice and Telemedicine they are multiple, it is enough to remove from your eyes that veil of distrust that prevents us from evolving. To do this, to break the delay - for those who still have them - just think of when we were wary of SMS, smartphone chats or perhaps video calls from PC to PC from two ends of the world. All technologies that we use today and that "trouble if we get them", or almost.

All the more reason we can point to evolution and innovation in a field like that of medicine, where the benefits are not only the rationalization of public health costs, but also our quality of life and that of our loved ones.

Avoid avoidable hospitalizations, feel monitored, wrapped in a network of experts, but at the same time "warm" in their own house, it is certainly a desire of many. Especially as you age and the opportunities for possible stay in the hospital or post-hospital phases to manage increase.

Telemedicine: guidelines

In Italy at the national level to set the guidelines of Teleservice and Telemedicine there is a document: "Telemedicine - National guidelines". He comes from the State Regions Conference, has a couple of years and directs the work in the field of Telemedicine initiatives.

In eight chapters the main aspects of Teleservice and Telemedicine with the aim of creating a governance model to harmonize the methods of application in the provision and use of remote services in the social and health sector. In this document there are guidelines that underline the essential elements to be taken into account when designing and using Teleservice and Telemedicine to be used in the National Healthcare System.

Browsing through the 8 chapters, available in full online, you will find the priority areas in which Italy could apply the Teleservice and Telemedicine, and also a lot of information on regulatory aspects and the economic sustainability of services in this area, because there are still those who believe that it is a useless and inexpensive investment.

Telemedicine in Italy

The situation of Teleservice and Telemedicine in Italy it's a two-sided medal. The one in the North faces the most innovative reality, showing itself at the forefront in the adoption of new tools and online services. The South finds it hard to believe, timidly reveals best practices which unfortunately remain “exploits” in an extremely fragmented national reality.

Regions such asEmilia Romagna, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige they are full of good practices, if all of them adjusted to their level it would be around 7 billion euros that could be saved. In this challenge to look forward, with remote assistance and telemedicine to a better life, they also come into play pharmacies which can play an important and decisive. Acting as "small principals in the area"But that you can touch, could also increase the possibility that the citizen trusts. Trust. Get yourself "remote assisted".

The "enemies" of Teleservice and Telemedicine for example, the critical issues regarding the management of respect for privacy, but also an alleged poor training of employees and the often unmotivated perception that it is an improper investment. Of course, we are in Italy, if technologies and broadband connection were more present throughout the territory and not patchy, Teleservice and Telemedicine they would have an easier time.

Telemedicine: companies

Precisely in one of the regions that I have mentioned as being at the forefront, there is an excellence in the field of Teleservice and Telemedicine.

TBS Group offers services in this area, proposing Specialized star service centers active 24 hours a day, dedicated information systems and emergency protocols and Telemedicine and Domotic products. Let's explore better and above all, let's see in practice how all this can make us live better. Everyday.

Starting from remote assistance service, TBS Group is able to detect in real time, 24 hours a day, to remotely manage the activation of emergency and / or assistance situations that may develop at the home of the patient. The remote control service instead provides for a recurring and scheduled telephone contact with the user who is comfortable at home and is monitored at preset times and frequencies, which can be calibrated.

Among the most interesting innovations of TBS Group there is the Service Center: it is a telematic network which becomes the only point of reference for interacting with all the medical resources and experts available. It is a service flexible and highly modular which is precisely for this reason capable of giving immediate and concrete answers without creating disturbance and unease. In this case, the network envelops, protects but does not trap, allowing constant remote monitoring of clinical parameters and consequent interventions.

Among the proposals coming from this innovative company that has been studying and implementing solutions for yearsTeleservice and Telemedicine, there are also systems of telediagnostics and remote telemonitoring (RPM) of physiological parameters. In this way, if you place a series of devices in pharmacies, day centers, nursing homes, homes, for example, many chronic patients are saved from unnecessary and sometimes harmful travel. With all that entail.

Teleservice for the elderly

All the services already explained also fit perfectly for Senior citizens, from those with serious pathologies but not from hospitalization, to those who want to feel monitored, perhaps because at home alone apart from the nephew who passes by every now and then. But there are also others to choose from, for example the service for access to social and health services, designed to improve the continuity of hospital / territory care through tele-booking of diagnostics and teleconsultation with medical specialists and much more.

Also but not only for the elderly, a "boon" are the home automation services that assemble various tools aimed at increasing safety and simplifying daily life. It is not difficult to imagine how but here are some examples, why Teleservice and Telemedicine I'm concrete, not theoretical.

They reach us with fall detectors / sensors, or gas leaks, or flooding... anything can happen but there are tools to stem the damage. Better if, as in this case, connected to a call center than to activate in no time the service or services you need, from case to case.

It is also important to understand which devices are possiblydeductible medical devices

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