Gran Paradiso National Park: what to see

Gran Paradiso National Park: what to see

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Gran Paradiso National Park, in name and in fact. Especially for the more silent and athletic mountain lovers who can find a myriad of paths to take to discover the highest peaks. Even those who are less fit can walk at lower altitudes and at a slower pace, fully enjoying themselves Flora and fauna protected.

Gran Paradiso National Park: where it is located

In French it is "the Parc national du Grand-Paradis", But ours Gran Paradiso National Park it was established by us on December 3, 1922 and is by far the oldest Italian national park as well as still one of the best known and most popular. It is located between Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont, between these two regions, but the headquarters ofGran Paradiso National Park Authority who manages it, is Piedmontese, a Turin.

The Gran Paradiso National Park extends for over 70 thousand hectares, 71,044 to be precise, coming to touch the Vanoise National Park on its French side. The protected area is mainly mountainous but we will be able to tell about its specificities

Gran Paradiso National Park: interactive map

The territory of the Gran Paradiso National Park it is quite extensive and full of important peaks, but not only. It welcomes many animals and plants in abundance, to look for and appreciate. Let's take a look at this first interactive map to then understand better what to look for and where.

Gran Paradiso National Park: flora and fauna

Flora side the Gran Paradiso National Park it offers us a show with horizontal stripes that starts with the vegetation of the valleys until reaching the non-vegetation of the highest altitudes. Very high.

THE woods reign in every valley floor, the trees that we can see most frequently are the larches often mixed with spruces, stone pines and more rarely with the beautiful silver fir. As we rise in altitude we find the vast alpine pastures that certainly do not have trees but console us with very particular and fascinating flowers, in late spring. Then we can only surrender to the presence of rocks and glaciers up to 4061 meters of Gran Paradiso.

To tell the fauna of the Gran Paradiso National Park I can only start with the symbolic animal: the ibex, also chosen for its mild and imperturbable character which means that it can be easily observed by the many visitors who set out looking for and hoping to meet it.

On the contrary, the chamois is by no means a simple animal to deal with, it is very suspicious and with quick, elegant and agile leaps, it escapes our gaze: lucky those who can see one, very present and not so unpleasant, the fox, or the lynx which was reintroduced in Gran Paradiso National Park with a dedicated project, a very common mammal that did not need projects to inhabit the area is the friendly marmot.

As for the birds, I start with the beautiful golden eagle and the bearded vulture, also reintroduced here just like in the Stelvio National Park, but they cannot fail to mention at least some of the other numerous species of birds: buzzards, woodpeckers, ptarmigan, choughs, sparrow hawks, tawny owls and owls. Among the reptiles I remember the viper, while the gem of the Gran Paradiso National Park as for the fauna it is the formica rufa that makes its nests quietly in the coniferous woods: it is difficult to recognize them because they look like heaps of needles but can reach heights of half a meter.

Gran Paradiso National Park: itineraries

The network of trails that runs through the Gran Paradiso National Park it is made up of numerous proposals, so much so that by covering them all one by one it would be possible to exceed 500 km. To better evaluate them we can understand them divided by valleys, there are five protected ones, sul official site of the park it is very convenient to consult the interactive map which lists and illustrates the characteristics path by path of the excursions for each of them. Walking in the mountains is not a joke at all and if it comes to those of the Gran Paradiso National Park it is an unrepeatable opportunity to be carried away by nature.

On the map, as well as by areas, you can select the proposals also by difficulty and season, leaving nothing to chance, even once you have taken any of the paths of the Gran Paradiso National Park one does not feel abandoned to oneself: there are numerous signs and signs with interesting and useful directions and information.

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