Meteorism, natural remedies

Meteorism, natural remedies

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Meteorism, natural remedies: advice and natural remedies to combat bloating without the use of drugs. What to eat and what to avoid.

Those who suffer from meteorism in addition to having physical problems also have a certain discomfort on a social level. Ailments such as flatulence and diarrhea certainly do not help to improve interpersonal relationships!

In this article you will find out how to counter bloating with natural remedies, without the aid of drugs or products extracted in any case through synthetic chemical processes.

Meteorism symptoms

Generally there is a tendency to connect meteorism with episodes related exclusively to flatulence. In reality there are several symptoms related to this widespread disorder.

• Belching
• Feeling of excessive intestinal bloating
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Abdominal spasms
• Poor appetite

Causes Meteorism

There are many physical and psychological factors that can cause meteorism.

Disorders and diseases that cause meteorism

Meteorism can be a symptomatic phenomenon linked to particular ailments.

Among the disturbances that cause meteorism we remember:

- Food intolerance
- Anorexia Nervosa and bulimia
- Various types of cancer (such as colon or ovarian)
- Colitis and ulcerative colitis
- Celiac disease
- Cirrhosis of the liver
- Peritonitis
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Heart problems of various kinds

Psychological problems and bad habits that cause bloating

Many forms of meteorism they are the result of bad habits or certain psychological conditions. Among the main causes, excluding the problems related to particular types of diseases, are:

- Bad nutrition.
- Anxiety and depression.
- Insomnia.
- Low physical activity

Often to cause symptomatic manifestations related to meteorism there is a concomitance of several conditions (for example insomnia + nutrition).

Note: if, despite a lifestyle and a healthy diet, problems with flatulence or abdominal pain continue to occur, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Meteorism, natural remedies

Nature has a solution for everything, even for meteorism. In fact, natural remedies are able to greatly improve the symptoms related to this disorder by reducing the amount of gas present in the intestine without having particular side effects.

Meteorism and nutrition. Food can represent a real natural remedy against meteorism. Just follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Meteorism: foods to avoid

Here is a list of foods to avoid when suffering from bloating

- Carbonated drinks, (including sparkling wines and sparkling wines)
- Overly processed foods, especially fatty and industrial ones (butter, snacks, mayo, potatoes in bags, very spicy snacks, etc.).
- Leavened products (bread, especially industrial bread).
- “Whipped” products, rich in air (cream, smoothies, milkshakes etc.).
- Sugar-free or sugar-sweetened foods (such as sorbitol or xylitol).
- Dried and oily fruit (allowed in moderation)
- Sausages (allowed but in moderation).
- Legumes in excessive doses (beans, lentils, etc.)

How to prevent bloating with food

Foods to combat meteorism

- Fish, eggs, white dogs.
- Aged cheeses (such as Grana Padano)
- Cereals (rice, oats, millet, spelled).
- Lactose-free cheeses (but also yogurt and kefir which contain less and which are rich in lactic ferments).
- Fruits and vegetables (legumes, as anticipated in moderation, fennel in abundance).

Natural remedies against meteorism: herbal teas

Fennel and anise
These two herbs are able to act directly on the intestinal flora by reducing abdominal swelling by limiting anaerobic fermentation. Fennel also improves the general function of the digestive system and helps eliminate excess fluids.

The cumin tea helps to counteract abdominal cramps and bloating due to the presence of intestinal gas. Taking cumin tea after meals therefore improves digestion, just like fennel and anise.

In addition to having antispasmodic and relaxing properties, lemon balm is also useful for reducing abdominal gas. This herb therefore has a dual function against meteorism: both physical (carminative properties) and psychological (thanks to the calming action).

The infusion prepared with isoppo leaves also has carminative properties. Just take a cup after meals.

Tips to combat meteorism

• Avoid going to sleep immediately after meals.
• During meals, chew slowly and avoid keeping your mouth open.
• Drastically reduce smoking.
• Lead a healthier lifestyle (balanced diet and physical activity).
• Drink at least two liters of water a day.
• Have at least 5-6 meals a day.

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