Cockroaches, how to eliminate them

Cockroaches, how to eliminate them

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Cockroaches, how to eliminate them: diseases, damage from cockroach infestations and natural (and other) remedies to eliminate them. Useful information for dealing with the cockroach problem.

Diseases caused by cockroaches

They don't just suck, they also carry disease. Thecockroachesthey can be a vehicle for infections and vectors of various diseases, and they also release substances into the air that can trigger allergies and respiratory problems in predisposed subjects.

What are the diseases that can be transmitted by cockroaches?
The list is very dense, from salmonellosis to cholera, dysentery phenomena, hepatitis A, pneumonia ... to make a short list:

  • food poisoning and salmonella poisoning;
  • tuberculosis (TB);
  • typhus;
  • dysentery;
  • hepatitis;
  • gastroenteritis and gasto-intestinal flu;
  • tapeworms, tapeworm, worm disease;
  • allergies;
  • pneumonia;
  • cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae ...

Thecockroachesthey are vehicles of infections also affecting the respiratory system, especially in asthma. They can become vectors of a large number of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminths and protozoa. The problem is that thecockroachesdo not see a perfectly documented transmission mechanism (for example, such as malaria plasmodium or entamoeba histolytica) because thecontamination mechanismit is related to the potentialmechanical transmission of the pathogen to the foods or utensils used for them. In practice, cockroaches are exposed to a large number of pathogens which then transfer by contact in our homes and in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels, utensils or food contaminated by cockroaches come into close contact with us humans who end up exposing ourselves to the first person. pathogen in question. If this transmission mechanism doesn't scare you, know that there are many studies that see a strong correlation between certain diseases and the presence of cockroaches. As an example, the Tarshis study reported a relationship betweencockroach infestationin buildings and the increase in frequency ofendemic hepatitis. The same study concluded that the frequency of hepatitis can decrease by carrying out careful and accurate disinfestations.

Cockroaches at home, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, what to do and how does it happen?

Cockroaches in the home and in the kitchen: causes.
Unfortunately, we can sometimes take thecockroaches in the house unknowingly, how does it happen?
In the warehouses of supermarkets and hypermarkets, not always all the hygiene and health regulations are respected, sometimes the warehouses are outdoors, covered by a simple canopy and the risk of cockroaches depends only on the degree of hygiene in the city. Cockroaches reach supermarket warehouses in search of food waste, in these places they find the ideal habitat to perpetuate their life cycle. They often go to lay their eggs in packaging.

By shopping and bringing home a package containing ootheca (let's call them eggs), we brought the enemy into the house. In this case the cockroaches they will hardly be able to transmit diseases to us because they develop in a domestic environment (therefore presumably free of pathogens) but in any case they must be eradicated as soon as possible because they reproduce quickly.

Those who live in cities affected by a cockroach epidemic or in areas characterized by degradation, could easily find themselves cockroaches in the house. What to do? For this I refer you to the next paragraph.

Cockroaches, how to eliminate them

The best method foreliminate cockroachesconsists ofprevention. These preventive steps must also be done in the event of an infestation already underway to mitigate damage and prevent future outbreaks. Among the cockroaches, also theGramophadorhina

The first thing to do is a thorough cleaning and closing any gap in floors or walls.Cockroaches lay oothecae between the interstices. It is useful to extract the contents from the packaging you have at home as soon as possible. Be accurate and don't leave anything out. Take ready-to-use putty and repair any cracks in the masonry.

In case of infestation, to eliminate the cockroaches in case of infestation it is useful to spread wheat flour mixed with 1% or 2% sodium fluoride or chlorine derivatives such as gammesane. This procedure is only recommended if you can be away from home.

With some precautions you can use specific insecticides for cockroaches, to name some products that use effective active ingredients, I refer you to the pages:

  • K-Othrine AL-based insecticide
    Price: € 9.35
  • Gel insecticide based on Imidacloprid (recommended)
    Price: € 18.99

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