Dog suffering from the heat: what to do

Dog suffering from the heat: what to do

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Dog suffering from the heat, he too, like us, sometimes even more, partly for the hair, but not only. There are less obvious reasons why the Dog suffering from the heat it should not be neglected but, without alarmism, helped to take shelter so that everything turns into a slight, bearable annoyance. Casting out the shadow of more serious and long-lasting health problems.

Especially in the summer, what can happen to the Dog suffering from the heat is to take the classic "heatstroke". For the high temperatures to which it was forced, but also for the level of humidity in the air, a very influential factor on the health of the animal. If the humidity rate is very high we will notice the dog hard to breathe, some breeds more than others, not because they are more whiny. We will see that they have every reason to look at us with big eyes eager for fresh.

The dog and the heat

A Dog suffering from the heat it suffers more if it belongs to breeds called brachycephalic. In practice they are those characterized by a short muzzle and a large head, so to speak the boxer, the bulldog, the pug and the Pekingese, for example. If you think about it, the reason is quite logical, "physio-logical", indeed, and there are no direct solutions because they are chronic, morphological conditions, to ensure that the aforementioned animal is a Dog suffering from the heat.

Beyond the breeds, particularly to keep an eye on is the category of dogs that are not in good health, because elderly, or for pathologies and problems that even momentarily make them not really fit. We need more caution and more attention to temperatures, even with them.

What to do when the dog is hot

Before acting, as soon as possible, when we realize that there is a Dog suffering from the heat, it is necessary to learn to perceive the signals as soon as this happens, so that you can resolve the situation without it getting worse. So here are the symptoms of the classic heatstroke: classic stroke but not always classic clues.

The dog who suffers from heat may be fatigued in breathing, or with rapid breathing, or with high body temperature. This is trivial, but other symptoms are not: slowness in walking, vomiting, reddened mucous membranes, seizures and collapse.

Having caught the sign of heatstroke, we run to the aid of the Dog suffering from the heat wetting it with water or, even better, immersing it in a tub. If this is not possible - a basin or a basin is not always available bathroom with bathtub - we can wrap our hot friend in a cool and wet towel. Acting quickly is important, but let's not be fooled: if the temperature that Dog suffering from the heat collapses too quickly, we end up making him feel even worse.

So to avoid going "from the pan to the grill", in this case it would be "from the oven to the freezer", we monitor the body temperature making sure it does not drop below 40 ° C. If, after taking all the measures, the Dog suffering from the heat gets worse, let's take it immediately to an equipped veterinary center: it means that targeted therapy is needed to avoid consequences that can even be lethal. For some information on how to measure your dog's temperature, I recommend the article "How to measure a dog's body temperature“.

If the dog, on the other hand, improves, it is not necessary to rush but I would not disdain, if I were you, the idea of ​​having him undergo a checkup from trusted veterinarian. Moreover, he himself can give us more specific advice to avoid other problems.

How to protect your dog from the heat

Prevention is better than cure, or, cured once, the Dog suffering from the heat it is better that he does not see us persevere in making him suffer from high temperatures. So, we must pay attention to it and avoid behaviors that can harm our friend in these months of inevitable heat. Never, ever leave it in the car, window open or not, is a very bad and condemnable habit.

Also make the child run or in general make too much physical activity Dog suffering from the heat it is not a good idea: as soon as summer arrives, runs and long walks are to be limited and made to slide at the coolest hours, in the morning and in the evening. Obviously avoiding routes with the sun at peak but preferring parks and green areas and rides early in the morning or late in the evening.

We do not reason as if the Dog suffering from the heat were a person, because these animals, unlike us, disperse heat not by sweating on an abundant extension of skin but through the mucous membranes of the mouth and the only ones fingertips of the paws.

In addition to dehydration and heat stroke, a Dog suffering from the heat it can also have a great discomfort and damage to the skin, if exposed too much to "aggressive" sun rays. The risk is to run into burns, erythema, sun dermatitis on the nose, back and "feet". Also eyes are sensitive to the sun, let's not overlook it: they don't have glasses like us. At the moment.

Dog with no appetite for heat

A symptom that I have purposely neglected because to be thoroughly investigated is the lack of appetite Dog suffering from the heat. First of all, we do not insist on making him ingest food if he refuses: force and imposition do not reward, as strategies, and we will end up being seen as annoying if not as "enemies".

If a Dog suffering from the heat difficulty eating is quite normal and if the situation does not cause general weight loss, let us report it to the veterinarian without going into alarm, taking care in the meantime not to leave him absolutely without a bowl containing fresh and clean water always available, 24 hours a day. help to the appetite of the Dog who suffers from the heat can be to choose suitable foods, easily digestible and rich in mineral salts and water. This means that our possible reserve of dry foods, such as kibble, must wait for the winter to be disposed of.

Dog with hot nose

The warm nose of the Dog suffering from the heat it is not necessarily a sign of fever, it can be but it is not an absolute certainty. Of course it's not a sign of excellent health but there are other reasons that may be behind a hot nose. For example, the environmental conditions, the outside temperature, the perception of heat by the same animal, even with respect to ours.

Sometimes for example a dog has a hot and dry nose because it was in the sun or in environments with little air circulation. Always the nose, especially the nose, is the Achilles' heel in the summer in those breeds with light or pink noses that can show dryness and cracking. To avoid irritation or small wounds, it is better to have one preventive smeared with cream.

Dog pool

Light or dark nose, flattened or tapered muzzle, a Dog suffering from the heat can not dislike a swimming pool all to yourself where to splash around, cool off and, while inside, play. Just over 50 euros and online we find the ideal: a sturdy and easy to assemble dog pool, and even to clean, foldable and easy to move. You can see it in the image above.

There are three sizes, the most popular is the one with a diameter of 180 cm and a height of 30 cm. It is not to be inflated and is made of a material that is resistant to the scratches and blows that, playing, the dog suffering from heat, could give.

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