Skye Terrier: character and breeding

Skye Terrier: character and breeding

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Skye Terrier, a terrier without a doubt among the most elegant, with a long but well carried hair and a particularly nice character. So much so that today this breed is becoming more successful as a companion dog than a hunting animal. It arrives from Great Britain, from Scotland to be precise, and is twice its height long. A particular rectangle for a dog withsoft nature but never biting.

Skye Terrier: origins

There are few certain notions about the origins of this breed but we can say that it is Skye Terrier comes from the island that bears his name and which is located in green Scotland, belongs to theArchipelago of the Hebrides. Another thing to get your hands on for this dog is that it has been around for a long time, it is not a recent creation.

For the rest, it is not the fault of the Skye Terrier if we cannot be able to reconstruct its genesis: what happened is that both in the nineteenth and in the eighteenth centuries, we gave it a great variety of names. It wasn't Skye Terrier but the Glasgow terrier, for some, the Paisley terrier for others, and for still others the Fancy skye terrier. And they are just examples. Scholars, and our dog first, are still a bit confused, therefore, about the origins. Better to look at the present and the future of a breed that deserves more notoriety.

Skye Terrier: puppies

The Skye Terrier he is a small dog, let alone his puppies, and has proportions very well defined by the official standard. Centimeter plus centimeter less, it must be twice its height long. We can consider its height at the withers of about 25-26 cm, if male, slightly less if female. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, one Skye Terrier it measures a little more than one meter, the whole tail, even if it tapers off even if starting large at the root.

The very long trunk is not at all frail but well muscled and solid, it is positioned low, the limbs are not at all slender but short, tight and straight. The neck, like the rest of the body, is not slender but powerful and connects the body in a rectangle with the head which is also long but not pointed. The snout of the Skye Terrier it is in fact strong, characterized by a light stop and ending with a strictly black truffle. Not quite black but always dark, and the darker the better, the eyes of this terrier, placed close together and of medium size like the ears, covered with fur and sometimes hanging.

The hair of the Skye Terrier is one of its peculiarities better described in photos than in words. Long is long, hard and straight, flat. No curls for a dog that, even if friendly, has and wants to have a serious and elegant look. The coat consists of a top coat and an undercoat, the latter being short, dense and woolly. As for the colors, the standard of this Scottish breed admits several: black, dark or light gray, fawn and cream shades. In all cases the tips are black.

Skye Terrier: character

Born as a hunting dog, proud belonging to the terrier group, moreover from Great Britain, lo Skye Terrier today it is in great demand as pet dog. He certainly knows how to be lovable but we don't take it for granted that he's the dog for us. If he binds in a morbid way to his only master, us or one of our family members, then with strangers he shows very suspicious.

This does not mean that it gets to be biting, and even less aggressive, but let's not expect the kind of animal that celebrates and welcomes anyone who knocks on the door with a welcome wagging. He loves being in company, it is difficult to impose himself given his stubbornness as a hunting dog, and he does not accept to be relegated for anything in the world. Once he decides that the stranger is no longer a stranger, he does Skye Terrier he is easy-going, very nice, also excellent for playing or walking in nature given his surprising agility. To whom it may concern: is one of the most skilled dogs in ridding gardens of rodents.

Skye Terrier: breeding

In Italy, officially recognized by ENCI there are two farms that also keep the breed of Skye Terrier. One is located in the province of Genoa, it is called Druidwood and in addition to our Terrier also takes care of the Greyhound. In the neighboring region of Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, the other Skye Terrier kennel: Dell’antica Caledonia is the name indicated and we will also find the German Dachshunds. In our country these island terriers are not very common, at the moment there are about fifteen of them, in actual fact they will probably be even more but we are far from large numbers.

Skye Terrier: price

Contact one of the two farms above is the best way to know the price of a puppy in one go Skye Terrier and the possible availability We can also take the opportunity, and it should be done, to better inform us about the animal's needs in order to understand if we and him are compatible, in terms of character, lifestyle and environment.

It is also useful to inquire about more recurring defects that the breed standard indicates, here are some of them: too short or untreated hair, badly worn ears, saddleback line, depigmented nose, incorrect gait, fearful or too shy character, too pronounced stop.

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