Tax deduction at 50% or 65%

Tax deduction at 50% or 65%

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Tax deduction at 50% or 65%: purpose of the transfer, communication of data to Enea, documents to be kept and all information on access to bonuses.

Tax deduction 50% and 65%, extension

The 2016 Stability Law (No. 208 of 28/12/2015) hasextendeduntil 31 December 2016 thetax deductions for restructuringand for theenergy saving, commonly known as the restructuring bonus (50% tax deduction) and eco-bonus (65% tax deduction). That of December 2015 should not be the only one extension concerning at tax deductions: for 2017 and 2018 another extension is planned with a decrease in the tax relief, concrete news has not yet been published in the Official State Gazette, however the percentage of the tax relief should drop to 36% for restructuring and 50% forecobonus.

Tax deduction at 50%

The maximum deductible expense amounts to 96 thousand euros

To access thefiscal detraction50%it is necessary to undergo an intervention of "Extraordinary maintenance"on the property. The renovation will have to renovate or replace even structural parts of the real estate unit. Among the interventions allowed for access to tax deductions, boiler replacement is also included, for more information, please refer to the articleboiler replacement, tax deduction.

For a list of all the restructuring interventions that can take advantage of the IRES or Irpef tax relief, I invite you to consult the pageTax deductions, interventions allowed.

Tax deduction at 65%

The maximum deductible expense ranges from 30 thousand to 100 thousand euros

Thistax reliefit is intended to cover part of the expenditure of all interventions that have increased the level ofenergy efficiencyof an existing building.

The only condition is that the intervention resulted in an improvement in energy saving.

The maximum deductible expense varies according to the type of intervention:

  • maximum ceiling of 30 thousand euros for the replacement of the winter air conditioning system
  • maximum ceiling of 100 thousand euros for building redevelopment aimed atenergy saving
  • maximum ceiling of 60 thousand euros for the construction of solar shading.

65% tax deduction and home automation

A circular fromRevenue Agency dating back to the beginning of 2016, he informs us that the cost of purchasing and installing multimedia devices for the remote control of heating systems, production of domestic hot water and air conditioners can take advantage of the deductions of 65%.

Tax deduction and replacement of fixtures

Who is on the hunt fortax deductionsfor the replacement of doors and windows, it can aim for both incentives. The replacement of the fixtures is part of the work ofExtraordinary maintenancethen can access thetax deductions at 50%. If the fixtures in question are energy efficient and therefore insulate the building in the best possible way, the same intervention could be better incentivized with theecobonus 65%.

Tax deduction at 65% and APE

To access thetax deduction at 65%, both for the replacement of the fixtures, and for the construction of a thermal coat or for other interventions that aim to improve the energy efficiency of the building,BEE.

Thenew beeit is a document that certifies the building's consumption class.BEEis the acronym ofEnergy Performance Certificateand is required to access the 65% tax breaks. The APE is counted among the documents to be kept by the user and in most cases, a copy must be sent to theAeneas. The technical costs for drafting the APE can be counted among those to be deducted.

Tax deduction 65% ENEA

To take advantage of the deductions 65%, the user is obliged to send particular documentation to ENEA.

Electronically, the user must complete and transmit, within 90 days of the completion of the work, a document describing the extent of the work. This document can be compiled and transmitted through the application created ad hoc by Enea itself. For the documents and the transmission of these data, we refer you to the official website set up by

Tax deduction 50% and the purpose of the transfer

The transfer can be of a bank or postal type and must have a reason that refers to the bonus in question. The transfer, in reason, must contain:

  • tax code or VAT number of the beneficiary of the bonus.
  • Tax code or VAT number of the executor of the work or the seller of the winter air conditioning system.
  • Reference standard.

In case oftax deduction at 65%the transfer must not be "talking", so it is not necessary to enter any reason. Indeed, in the case of a legal person who intends to access the deduction 65%, the beneficiary is not even obliged to pay by bank transfer.

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