Glass collection for a fee

Glass collection for a fee

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Glass collection for a fee: is it really possible to earn? Information on the circular business of glass recycling.

Thereseparate collection of glass in Italyit increased by + 3.5% compared to last year. In 2015, 1,825,000 tons of glass were collected. The CoReVe, the Glass Recovery Consortium, remembers how theglass recyclingmay be a form of indirect gain already in terms of energy and invested resources: "through recycling in the glass factory, the extraction of traditional raw materials was saved for about 3,050,000 tons, equal, in terms of volume to 1 and a half times, the total volume occupied by the Colosseum in Rome". With the separate collection of glass in Italy, within a year, we were able to save energy"Equal to approximately 318 million cubic meters of methane gas, the average annual gas consumption of a city like Genoa", while if we consider the harmful emissions, we managed to save the emission into the atmosphere of "1,875,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to those resulting from over 6,000 air travel between Milan and Rome". A significant gain for the environment and the planet's resources.

Thanks torecycling,earn from waste it's possible! To make an average statement of revenues for each kilogram of recyclable material collected, we can say that for aluminum the fee is 0.50 euro, for iron it is about 0.20 euro, for PET plastic 0.18 euro while for the card only 0.05 euros. The list is missingglassbecause here the variables are many: the gain varies according to the color (white / clear, green glass or brown glass), purity and destination. Once collected, in fact, theglassit can be sent to glass factories or other industrial sectors that obtain insulating materials and resinous compounds.

In Switzerland, the prices of used glass remained between 18 and 40 euros per ton, so it is clear who intends make money with recycling should aim for aluminum or PET plastic. For its production, glass sees the use of low-cost raw materials and this is not at all good for those who intend recycle glass to make money.

There glass collection in Italy, there are still several gaps: there are many citizens who continue to confer materials such as pyrex through the collection of glass (if you have pyrex dishes or other "oven glass" containers, know that these are not really glass! in the collection of undifferentiated dry products), plexiglass, porcelain, mirrors ...

Glass collection for a fee

The difference in color is very important because the shards of glass most in demand (yes, the glass to be destined for recycling must be crushed unless it is fromvacuum to lose) are brown or white. Glass in mixed colors, in general, is not purchased from glass factories but from the manufacturing industry of the construction sector which produces gravel in foam glass.

In fact, glass can be reused for the production of virgin glass, for the production of glass foam gravel or other resinous or insulating materials.

Foam glass gravel is produced almost entirely using recycled glass. The production of glass foam gravel eliminates the problem of differentiating glass by color. The glass shards to be recycled are ground and mixed with a particular mineral-based additive and left in the oven for one hour at a temperature of 950 °. The material is reduced to gravel with a rapid precipitation of the temperature. This material incorporates a lot of air so as to offer a good degree of thermo-acoustic insulation and good resistance to compression.

Transport has a strong impact on the glass recycling business. Consortia are struggling to earn withused glassbecause the material must be delivered to glass factories and other recycling plants, so the glass must be transported and treated: glass is very heavy and therefore the transport costs are proportional to the weight.

The costs for the transport and treatment of the glass to be recycled are decisive factors to keep in mind when starting an activity ofglass collection for a fee.

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