How to defend yourself from thieves

How to defend yourself from thieves

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How to defend yourself from thieves: tips to avoid home burglaries. What to do and how to prevent robberies and attempted theft in an apartment, house or villa.

How to defend yourself in your own home? Fundamental are some simple precautions to be taken daily but even more useful can be technical supports such as armored doors, burglar alarms, home automation systems, security windows, video surveillance system ...

How do thieves get into the house?

The number of home burglaries grows from year to year and, paradoxically, in the majority of thefts that take place in apartments, houses or other types of homes, thieves pass through the front door. Thieves enter the apartment to be cleaned by forcing unsafe doors or windows left open. The first way toavoid home burglaries, at night or during the day, consists in replacing doors and windows with certified safety windows.

Security door

To put thehome safefrom energy waste and helping consumers to make the best choice, the energy classes of household appliances were born. Those who want to buy a door can take advantage of a very similar classification, except that in armored doors the thermal efficiency is not evaluated, but the burglar resistance.

There are two factors that ithievesevaluate before targeting a home:

  • time factor
    How long will it take me to pick the lock or break a window?
  • Attention factor
    Will I catch someone's attention? Will I have to use noisy tools? Is the door to be breached located on a main road?

To discourage thieves, just mount an armored door that can keep them busy for a long time or perhaps that would require the use of a drill and other noisy tools for its opening. For the choice of the best security door we invite you to read the articles:

  • Armored door, security class
  • Tips for choosing the security door

Security window

Security or burglar-proof windows must have two characteristics:

  • – Resistance to unhinging the door
  • – Resistance to glass breaking

To make an informed choice, please refer to the dedicated pageAnti-burglary security windows. When choosing the anti-burglary window, remember that, just like the doors, the windows also have the safety class certification.

Armored door and anti-burglary window, tax deductions

Those who want to replace the windows can take advantage of the tax deductions provided for by the Stability Law. Whether to replace your windows with doors and security windows, you can deduct 50% of the expense incurred for the purchase and installation as a personal income tax deduction; if you choose doors and anti-burglary windows high energy efficiency, the percentage of expenditure to be deducted at the time of the tax return rises to 65%.

How to defend yourself from thieves

Prevention is better than cure, thus, the first things to do forprotect yourself from thievessee the use of security windows. As expected, then, there are good habits to adopt to live more peacefully:

  • Make friends with the neighborhood!
    Thieves hate witnesses, if you have a nosy neighbor, use him to your advantage and, when you leave the house, ask him to take a look at the main entrance, the garage or the new car.
  • Safe-deposit box
    There safe in the house it is safe only if positioned in a well hidden place and well anchored to the wall. If you have valuables, it is not worth keeping them in a safe: take a safety deposit box at the nearest bank.
  • Housing
    You cannot move but… if you are buying a house, choose it in a very quiet place with low theft risk.
  • Video surveillance
    Video surveillance is the first repellent for thieves, night and day. Organize with the neighborhood so that the whole neighborhood has security cameras recording at the gates and front door.
  • Balconies, doors and windows
    Closealways good doors and windows, even balconies and even if you are away for a short time.
  • Locking bracket or chain
    Robberies have no rules, so when you open to a stranger, never remove the locking bracket or safety chain from the door. Always check the peephole.
  • Social Network
    Social networks can be allies of thieves. Thieves generally know who lives in a particular house, especially if it is a villa or apartment they hadspottedfor longer. From the intercom it is easy to trace your name and surname and from here you can find yourself on facebook… In practice, if you are on vacation and you are away from home for several days, do not let it be understood in any way! Fordefend yourself from thieves during the holidays,inform the neighbors of your absence and make sure someone comes to empty your mailbox, which could be indicative for thieves.

To guard against thieves in the house at night, activate a second telephone line in the bedroom because thieves usually disconnect telephone cables and electrical cables. Install an intelligent alarm system.

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