Insect bites, natural remedies

Insect bites, natural remedies

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Insect bites, natural remedies: the natural solutions to relieve pain, itching and swelling due to insect bites.

In addition to the heat, one of the negative sides of summer for many people is represented by insect bites, primarily mosquitoes. These cute insects have evolved a lot over the years making most insecticides and mosquito repellent products almost completely useless. Industries have had to adapt, creating increasingly powerful, increasingly toxic and polluting solutions.

Precisely to avoid spending money on creams that will most likely no longer have an effect next year, still causing a lot of damage to the environment, it is good to know that there are alternatives to chemicals. There are in fact a whole series of natural remedies able to soothe burning, swelling and itching due to insect bites.

In this article you will discover the natural solutions against insect bites, made with simple or simple ingredients, which are almost always present at home.

Insect bites, natural remedies

here are the natural remedies more effective against insect bites.

Insect bites, natural remedies: aloe

Aloe has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can buy an aloe vera-based gel at a herbalist's shop or in specialized stores (but try to buy organic products or products made from a high percentage of aloe). If you have an aloe plant that is at least two years old, you are at an advantage! Just cut the tip of a leaf and spread the secreted juice on the sting. The skin is refreshed and the action of aloe will promote skin regeneration.

Menthol against insect bites

Menthol has a refreshing and soothing action against mosquito bites. Pour a few drops of mint essential oil into a moisturizer and apply the cream to the injured area. If you do not have mint essential oil, you can use valid alternatives, such as vicks in ointment (the one used to breathe better) or even toothpaste, both rich in menthol.

Lemon juice like natural remedy against insect bites

A cotton swab dipped in lemon juice can soothe the burning of insect bites thanks to its disinfectant action, however it is important if you use this remedy to avoid exposing yourself during the hours following the sun.

Onion: a natural remedy for insect bites

The onion is also rich in antiseptic properties useful for eliminating the consequences of insect bites (swelling and itching). Just rub half an onion on the sting and rinse with soap and water.

Insect bites natural remedies: honey

In ancient times, honey was used as a natural disinfectant. In fact, it has an enormous antiseptic power capable of accelerating the healing processes of the skin. Less than a teaspoon of honey on the sting can relieve burning and itching (who doesn't have honey in the house?).

Insect bites, natural remedies: ice

Ice is one of the most popular and effective grandmother's remedies. Rather than disinfect, applying an ice cube to an insect bite will prevent it from swelling. Remember to wrap the ice in a cotton cloth. In addition, the ice, thanks to the constricting vessel action, anesthetizes the injured part so as to really reduce the sensation of itching or pain associated with the insect bite.

Natural remedies stings: lavender

Thanks to its calming and soothing properties, lavender can be very useful against insect bites. A few drops of lavender essential oil on the sting and itching and annoyances related to insect bites will vanish!

Tea tree oil againstinsect bites

Essential oil as a remedy for insect bites
On many occasions we have told you about the thousand uses of tea tree oil, the oil considered by many to be a natural cortisone. Obviously it does not have the same effects as cortisone, however its refreshing scent and its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics make tea tree oil an effective natural remedy against insect bites: it cools, deflates and reduces the itching sensation. For more information:how to use tea tree oil.

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