Cultivating banana trees, the guide

Cultivating banana trees, the guide

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Grow the banana tree in pots or in the garden. When to plant thebananaand what are the needs of this plant when grown in Italy.

When we think about the production of wood, forest trees come to mind but certainly not the banana tree, yet the banana tree is used for the production of wood! For more information on the production of sustainable wood from banana plants, please consult the page:low-impact wood from banana trees. Thebananais a tropical tree much loved by us Italians.

Growing the banana tree in Italy

It's possiblecultivate banana trees in Italybut if the purpose of growing the banana tree is to produce fruit, it is better to give up: with our climate, in fact, thebananathat come to bear fruit are very rare. Only in the hottest areas of southern Italy will it be possiblegrow bananasbringing the fruit to full development! Not everyone knows that there is onebanana plantationhere inItaly: in Sicily there is a banana producer who regularly sells his fruits on the local market.

Those who do not live in such favorable positions will have to be satisfied with the banana tree without fruit or with the production of a bunch of very small bananas, with reduced development and which will never ripen. Therecultivation of banana trees in pots or in the open ground, in the home garden, it can be performed for ornamental purposes: theinflorescence of the banana treeit is very characteristic and eye-catching! It is composed of red bracts, small yellow flowers and accompanied (in the luckiest specimens) by the green sketch of the future bananas (a bunch of miniature bananas).

When to grow banana?
The best period for planting falls in late spring.
There cultivation of bananas in Italy can take place in pots or in the garden:

  • those who live in central areas and in Northern Italy (Po Valley and in the first hills of the Apennines) will have to cultivate banana in pots. The pot must be placed on mobile trolleys with wheels because the plant must necessarily be placed in a sheltered position during the winter. We will return to the cultivation of potted bananas in the next paragraph.
  • Those who live in southern Italy or in areas with a favorable climate will be able to grow bananas in the garden without the need to set up winter shelters.

If you like the exotic plants take a look at my articles: tropical flowers to grow in the garden (images of tropical flowers to grow in our climate) e grow avocado(the avocado avocado example that thrives in my garden).

Grow potted banana

Thebananait is a very demanding plant and its cultivation in pots is not recommended. It develops a lot therefore it would need very large and difficult to move tanks, vases or containers. On the market it is possible to buy varieties of dwarf banana born as a plant to grow at home or in the garden, placed in a small pot.

Even thedwarf bananahas very specific climatic needs: make sure to keep the plant exposed to a mild temperature, between 18 ° C and 25 ° C; the dwarf banana must be placed away from heat sources and drafts. During the winter, the temperature can drop for a short period but never below 10 ° C. The potted banana should be fertilized in spring and summer, by means of fertigation.

Those who want to grow banana trees at home, in addition to giving up the fruits, will probably also have to give up flowers because in these conditions the plant cannot produce flowers. Only adult specimens of at least 4 years old could give you the satisfaction of the inflorescence, but only if you are very lucky!

Grow the banana tree in the garden

Therebanana cultivationin the gardenit is much luckier especially for those who live along the southern coasts!

Who lives in the center or in the north and wantsgrowing banana in the gardenhe will have to set up light wood structures (a small scaffolding) on ​​which to mount plastic to create a small greenhouse to be assembled in the winter months.

Thebanana tree in the gardenit is a highly decorative plant, both for its green leaves and for its large flowers. It needs a well-drained and warm soil. It does not tolerate water stagnation so modify the soil by adding sand or draining material. Prepare a light and at the same time fertile soil, rich in humus and organic substance even if only partially decomposed.

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