Manx cat: character and price

Manx cat: character and price

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Manx Cat or Mann's Isle Cat, is an English feline that falls into the category of shorthair and Somali although easily recognizable by its most visible feature. It has no tail. This causes him neither communication nor balance problems, on the contrary, he proves to be a phenomenal hunter: with quick movements, lethal moves and tireless activity, he is the favorite cat of those who live. in the open countryside and must defend itself from small rodents.

Manx cat: character

Despite being a great predator, since we are not mice or the like, with us the Manx cat is very affectionate is playful. It has some character side that makes it seem strange, more like a dog than a cat, like the mania for bringing back objects thrown, digging and burying toys, growling when he hears suspicious noises.

Like any good cat, however, this islander also hunts mice, in the apartment though he is diligent, he does not mess, indeed, you enjoy the comfort and the company. If we give him orders, he is rather obedient, as a cat can be, and in the presence of other animals, he is not a quarrelsome animal, with strangers he is not shy.

Manx cat: breeding

The Manx cat it is bred mainly in England, especially on his island. The first club dedicated to this breed was founded by the British in 1901. Breeding it is not a foregone conclusion because the fact of not having a tail is due to a genetic mutation. on the Isle of Mann and the gene is semi-lethal, so crossbreeds must be well studied to avoid litters with many kittens destined to die.

Manx Longy cat

Of the Manx cat there are more varieties, that "Longy" stands out because its members have an almost normal tail, then there is the variety "Rumpy ", totally devoid of appendix, with a dimple at the base of the spinal column, and finally the "Rumpy Riser". THE Manx cats of the latter sub-category have from one to three sacral vertebrae, the "Stumpy‚ÄĚHave a short tail stump.

Beyond the tail, semi-tail, or absent tail, the hair of this cat is always soft, very similar to that of rabbits from which it also takes thehopping gait. The colors allowed by the standard range from white, black, blue, red to cream but there are also the so-called Shaded. They are the specimens of Cat Manx Chinchilla, Silver shaded, Silver tabby, and Smoke, with Tipping, in all allowed colors, there is no shortage the Bicolor, the Tricolor and the Tortie in the colors black and red, blue and cream and the same with white, as well as Tabby mackerel, blotched and spotted.

The build of the Manx cat it is medium, compact and solid structure, of the Cobby type, with developed musculature without being too squat. The head is round and well proportioned, the eyes are large and the color matches the coat.

Manx cat without a tail

Let's go back to the fact that the Manx cat it has no tail. Having clarified that it is a genetic question, we can let ourselves be fascinated by the fascinating legends that give alternative explanations. One refers to the episode of the Great Flood: this cat at the time had a beautiful thick tail but, having arrived late to board the Noah's Ark, slipped into the last one remaining with the tail closed out. Severed.

Another version brings up a dog who, still on the Ark, was his enemy and, out of spite, cut off his tail. Ashamed, ours Manx cat he threw himself into the sea swimming sad and desperate up on the Isle of Mann where it tried to get back on its feet and reproduce. The third story, about the absence of a tail, is a Celtic legend: the magical sow called Henwen one day she would turn into a cat and, of course, since pigs have no tails, or almost, even a cat, so it was.

Manx cat: price

The Manx cat has a rather high price, certainly higher than 600 euros, but above all it is not easy to find. Both for its character characteristics, certainly not easy to make accept by a family that wants a "classic" cat, and for the fact of the tail. As we have seen, the reproduction strategy is delicate breed selection and this somehow pays off.

It is also a cat that requires an intense effort to clean the hair which must take place regularly, also due to the presence of double hair. It should be combed and polished with your hands or with a silk cloth, massaging gently.

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