How to coat jars

How to coat jars

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How to line tin cans: this guide is useful both for those who intend to line tin cans, and for those who want to line glass jars or clay pots. All the instructions for lining glass, earthenware or metal jars with recycled fabrics, papers or materials.

Creative recycling allows us to transform glass, tin or other jars into beautiful vases. With the tin and glass jars we can make vases, pen holders, ball holders, biscuit holders and other object holders. For the coating we can use paper, plastic, glitter or fabric.

How to line jars with fabric

It is possible to line the jars with paper as shown in the opening image or line them with fabric. In the case of the fabric, the fabric must be tight and you will have to spread it well on the vase, without any creases. It is not necessary to carry out a work of preparation of the support (you do not have to paint the can). The cloth can be used forline the jarusing special glues for fabrics, hot glue or vinyl glue diluted in water. For all information on this procedure and images of the results obtained, you can visit the page entitledhow to decorate clay pots, the procedure is the same regardless of the type of support material (glass, terracotta, metal…).

How to line jars with paper

In the image above we lined a large glass cookie jar with wrapping paper. Thedo-it-yourselfchanges according to media type:

forcoat glass jarsFirst, you need to moisten the paper by quickly dipping it into a basin containing cold water. Dilute some vinyl glue with a little water and brush the solution over the entire surface of the jar. Line the jar with paper and brush with additional vinyl glue solution. Cut out any unnecessary pieces of paper. Let it dry well and, to fix the work and make it lasting, apply a coat of water-based vitrifying paint.

Forlining tin canswith paper, you can use metal glues or hot glue. In this case, the paper should not be wet before application, so it is important to work with great care.

How to line jars with string

Tin cans as well as glass cans can be lined with double string. Always start from the bottom and wrap the jar completely with string. To help you fix it, you can impregnate the twine with vinyl glue even if the best solution for fixing involves the use of a hot glue gun: a strip of glue is applied to the lower circumference of the jar, where the first layer of thread and every 3 - 4 rows apply a few drops of hot glue to leave a strip along the upper circumference of the vase, where the string ends.

How to line jars with other materials

There are many "makeshift materials" that can come in handy for line the cans with tin or glass, in the photo above we used pastels and white painted pencils; in our creative recycling experiments we lined jars with a large number of materials:

  • glitter powder
  • pebbles collected on the beach
  • polished glass shards collected on the beach
  • shells
  • sprigs of wood
  • cocktail straws
  • feathers
  • synthetic petals
  • embroidered doilies
  • sticks of perfumers
  • pearls and stones of old jewelry
  • ….

As is clear, the possibilities are many and the only limit is imposed by your imagination and creativity.

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