Carnations, propagation and care

Carnations, propagation and care

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Carnations: propagationand care for more abundant flowering. The multiplication of the carnation and carnations.

If you have onecultivation of carnations now dated, you may have noticed a decrease infloweringstarting from the third or fourth year of cultivation, rest assured, it is not up to you or a deficiency, when i carnations grow older tend to bloom less! It is at this point that it is convenient to start with thepropagationand get young plants that will give you one in a couple of monthsfloweringvery rich.

Carnations, propagation

The techniques ofpropagationto multiply carnations and carnations are different. The most used methods in gardening (at home) for the multiplication of plants are mainly three: cutting, offshoot and layering. For bulbous or tuberous plants, the division of the tufts is mainly used while for woody plants, the most used technique is that of grafting.

The cutting of carnations

Cutting is a technique ofpropagationwhich takes place by cutting a portion of the plant put to root in a suitable soil. A rooting hormone is often used to speed up and improve rooting possibilities. Cutting is a suitable technique for obtaining a limited number of plants. For instructions on the multiplication of carnations by cuttingwe invite you to follow our guide entitled: how to make the carnation cutting.

The offshoot of carnations

Offshoot is a technique defined as "assisted cutting ", in fact, the new seedling separates from the mother plant only when it has released the root system. It is a technique ofpropagationvery practical that can make us obtain a good number of specimens of daughter plants.


The layering is similar to the offshoot but is mainly used for semi-woody plants and only in certain cases for woody ones. It is not suitable forcarnations. How the offshoot consists in rooting a branch that is still part of the mother plant.

Carnations, propagation

THEcarnationsorcarnationsthey bloom profusely for the first three to four years ofcultivation, after this period the plants must beregenerated.In the guide article on how to make the carnation cutting we explained how to obtain new carnation plants from a mother plant. On this page we will see how to obtain a large number of daughter plants with thepropagationby offshoot, also called "assisted cutting".

How to multiply carnations

The multiplication of the carnation by offshoot takes place by bending and burying a flexible branch of the mother plant. Choose a branch that is long enough: the section of the branch to be buried is not detached from the mother plant as it happens with the cutting, you will have to detach it only when it has completely rooted.

How to proceed to multiply carnations?

1) The choice of the shoot
Choose the most vigorous side shoots, even better if they are the youngest ones that have never bloomed (the daughter plants obtained will bring more abundant and rich blooms).

2) The removal of the leaves
Remove the leaves in the middle position and leave only 4 or 5 pairs of leaves near the apex of the shoot. To make the branch more flexible, you can slightly squeeze it near the knots by applying pressure with your thumb and forefinger.

3) The engraving
The portion of the branch to be buried must have an incision. With a very sharp knife, remove a ring on the surface of the stem placed in the middle position (a few centimeters from the last leaves you have left on the shoot). The scar callus will develop from your incision, from which roots will develop.

4) Bury the branch
Bury the engraved branch for a distance of at least 20 cm in length. To increase the chances of taking root, don't just bury part of the twig with soil from your garden but use a mixture of sand, peat and light soil in equal parts. The branch should be fixed for about 2-3 cm underground.

To fix the sprig under the ground you can use special pins for offshoots that you find in garden centers or, more practically, a hairpin or a U-bent iron wire.

5) The new plants
When the offshoot is provided with roots, cut it at the height of the pin and after a couple of weeks, remove it from the ground, taking care not to alter the root system. Plant the plant in its pot or in the garden, placing it in its final position.

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