How to vacuum-pack food

How to vacuum-pack food

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How to vacuum-pack food: vacuum machines for home and professional use. How vacuum preservation works and what are its advantages. In order to vacuum-seal food, you will need a special appliance.

Thanks to the technique of vacuum packedwe're going to to preserve a food in a bag or in an air-free container.

How to vacuum-pack food

For the preservation of vacuum-packed foods it is necessary to have ad hoc machines, the market offers very different prices.

The vacuum machines allow to eliminate a more or less low percentage of air from a special casing. The higher the percentage, the higher the quality of the device.

The high vacuum allows even to totally eliminate the air (up to 99%), this performance is only offered by professional vacuum machines. In the home, we can be satisfied with semi-professional tools that can achieve good results.

A good vacuum machine for home use allows us to remove up to 90% of air. In this context we are not talking about machines for professional vacuum or high vacuum, these tools are defined as vacuum machines with controlled aspiration.

Unlike professional vacuum machines (which generally are bell-shaped), in vacuum machines with controlled suction, the envelope in which the vacuum must be created is outside the appliance: the food to be vacuum-sealed they must be placed in bags or jars that allow to pump the air without sucking up any liquids.

Vacuum machines: prices

The market offers vacuum storage machines of any price range. Theprofessional vacuum machinesthey are in the countryside and have prices starting from 1,000 euros up to over 5,000 euros. Non-chamber vacuum packing machines are often defined as semi-professional and have prices ranging from 500 to 800 euros.

Good vacuum packing machines for home use can be bought with a few hundred euros but even less if you find the right compromise.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good vacuum food storage machine. Among the models with the best value for money, we point out the machineLaica VT3112which manages to suck in 9 liters of air per minute with a suction power of 750 mbar (a very high vacuum value compared to models in the same price range). The Laica just mentioned has a price of about 84 euros but can be bought on Amazon at the promotional price of 56.79 € with free shipping.

Those who prefer a more complex model can range from multifunctional vacuum machines. The market offers machines that see special cycles, therefore for storing dry food, wet food, delicate food or for marinating. A machine with these characteristics is the FoodSaver V3840 which manages to vacuum store with excellent performance.

Not only bags but also bottles, jars, rolls and containers. The only drawback is that you have to use the manufacturer's bags (rough) and the smooth ones (cheaper) are not good. The price of this appliance, on Amazon, is 169.90 euros with free shipping costs. Despite the "flaw of the bags" (which in any case for high-end machines it is very common to have to use the bags of the manufacturer), it is an excellent product, very useful for vacuum packing and very useful for marinating.

The vacuum obtained from the vacuum machines is indicated both for lengthening the storage times of food, and for cooking at low temperatures with a steam oven or with kitchen tools defined as “roner”.

For information on how to cook sous vide and how to lengthen the storage times of food placed in an airless environment, please read the page dedicated toVacuum storage of food.

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