Vacuum cooking at home, how to do it

Vacuum cooking at home, how to do it

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Sous-vide cooking at home: how to do it, the essential tools and practical advice. From the roner to the steam oven.

Therevacuum cooking at low temperaturesis one of the most important culinary innovations of recent times. For vacuum cooking food at home we need to:

  • a combined steam oven with a vacuum drawer
  • a steam oven and a vacuum machine
  • a vacuum machine and a pot for boiling water
  • a vacuum machine and an immersion circulator
  • a ronerall in one combined with a vacuum machine

Cooking at low temperatures requires a high degree of precision, especially below 100 ° C. Someone might tell you that to cook a vacuum-packed food you just need to place it in a special bag, create a vacuum, seal it and put it in a hot water bath ... Nothing could be more wrong!

Of course, at home, cooking food in water is the most accessible condition but also the most difficult to manage. With sous-vide cooking, the management of temperatures is decisive and a pan does not allow this.

This is why you need asteam ovenor a roner. For the steam oven, please refer to the article:Steam oven, how it works.On this page we will focus on the cheapest way we have to operate thevacuum cooking at home: the roner!

Roner for sous vide cooking

The steam oven can be a good professional solution while for thevacuum cooking at home, an excellent solution is given byroner.

The Roner is a device used to create a real thermostatic bath. It manages to offer homogeneous cooking without altering the consistency and organoleptic properties of the food.

How is a roner made and how does it work?

A roner consists of a tank into which the water is inserted. It has an electric resistance suitable for heating the water and a thermostat that maintains the ideal temperature for different types of cooking. Roners usually also have a timer (not always!).

The most complex appliances are of typeall in one, that is, in a single compartment they implement a water tank, resistance and thermostat. The simpler roners, on the other hand, consist of an immersion circulator and can be used in combination with the classic pots.

Given the novelty, it is not easy to find Roners on the market. In any case, the price range goes from 150 to 600 euros. If you intend to buy a roner, a great product is the appliance 2447 by Severin.

Offers a tub of typeall in oneand has the capacity of 6 liters. It allows you to managevacuum cooking at low temperatures, in particular, it is possible to cook at a temperature range from 40 to 99 ° C.

The product is offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 159.90 euros with free shipping costs. Like any other Roner, it is not easy to find in classic shopping centers, however if you are lucky enough to find it, the price is generally not less than 179.90 euros.

How is the roner used for sous-vide cooking at low temperatures?

First you need to vacuum-seal the kitchen food, using any vacuum-packing machine, professional or not. For more information on the vacuum packing technique, please visit the pagevacuum-packed preservation of food.

Using the roner display, set the desired temperature. Immerse the closed food in its vacuum bag. Cook for the necessary time.

After cooking, you can open the bag and serve, or proceed quickly passing the food in a pan, recommended for meats that need to become crispy on the surface.

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