Fawn Boxer: character, breeding, puppies and price

Fawn Boxer: character, breeding, puppies and price

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Fawn Boxer, an intelligent and extremely intelligent dog lively but not pestiferous: listen when you want, but that's another story. His naive nature can only put a good mood, it is then perfect for children, less for people who are horrified when faced with a little drool. He comes from Germany but, for this country, he is a bit of an animal “CarelessIn fact, in Italy it is very successful.

Fawn Boxer: characteristics

The Fawn Boxer is a medium-sized dog with a sturdy physique and short, shiny coat. Its muzzle is short, the head is square but the eye falls on the rather powerful jaw and above all that slightly surpasses the jaw. The standard makes this feature mandatory for this breed.

Fortunately, their ears can no longer be cut, so they can go down their cheeks making it the sweetest face yet. The eyes of the Fawn Boxer they are very dark and expressive, the tail cannot be amputated and is therefore dangerous for knick-knacks, set high and immediately robust, often in motion.

Fawn Boxer: character

As mentioned in the introduction, the Fawn Boxer it's a lot lively and playful, but this does not mean that it is not particularly courageous, so much so that it is often used as a defense dog, or in the military and by the police. It is necessary train him as a puppy and as owners we must immediately make it clear who decides, because the character of this breed is safe and almost never distrustful, loyal and sociable, affectionate.

He doesn't always listen, because he prefers to be with children, protecting them, or wandering around as he is very curious. In the family he is an excellent dog but he needs to a lot of attention, a lot of pampering and also a lot of movement.

Fawn Boxer: breeding

There are very many farms in Italy Fawn Boxer as with other types of Boxer, their addresses can be found on the ENCI official website, to be consulted in order to choose those certified by this body. This German breed is over a century old and was made official in 1870 thanks to a group of enthusiasts who crossed a Bullenbeisser with English Bulldogs in Munich.

The name Boxer, with which this dog is bred today, fawn or other coats, trivially means boxer and, even more trivially, it wants to underline the fighting and tenacious character of the breed. The first examples made their debut in 1896 at an exhibition always in Munich but only in 1905 the standard was defined, 15 years later then it underwent an update.

Its origins, of course, are much more remote: like all Molossers, the boxer descends from the Tibetan mastiff, called Bullenbeisser, now extinct dog that already existed at the time of the Phoenicians who were the first to import it to Europe.

Female Fawn Boxer

The female of the Fawn Boxer has a particularly sweet and affectionate character but we do not take it for granted that it is less lively and wild. By its very nature, its first thought is to protect its family and home and loves being in company, in a somewhat egocentric way, Children and puppies are the passion of the female Fawn Boxer which in turn demands a lot of pampering from adults.

Fawn Boxer: puppies

If we are or want to become masters of a Fawn Boxer puppy, let's get it into our heads that we must instantly teach him to control his exuberance and obey us. He is not a dangerous dog and it does not become so, but so lively it risks devastating the house and being too impetuous with people, even strangers, who do not always like a Fawn Boxer wearing that demands attention.

THE Fawn Boxer puppies they have a habit of jumping to welcome someone or to invite us - forcing us - to play with them. Happy seven days a week, playful, curious and enterprising, this dog also has times when it can irritate us, for example when he acts stubborn and unpleasant, does not obey and does not calm down.

.Fawn Boxer: price

The price of a puppy's Fawn Boxer it is not too high compared to that of other dogs, also due to the fact that this breed is quite widespread. From 400 Euros upwards you can find him, but we are always very careful to have his state of health and the regularity of the documents checked.

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