DIY automatic watering

DIY automatic watering

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DIY automatic watering: components and kits to install an automatic irrigation system for plants. Instructions on how to mount an automatic irrigation system.

In this page we will see how to assemble a system of automatic irrigation with nozzles to be fixed directly in the pot or near the plant to be irrigated. For more advanced systems (underground, hidden ...), please refer to the page dedicated toAutomatic irrigation.

Do-it-yourself automatic irrigation kits

THEkitfor theassemblyof a system ofautomatic irrigationnow have affordable prices. They can be installed by themselves very easily, just choose the components you like at the time of purchase so you can automate the irrigation of the green space on the terrace, balcony plants or small vegetable gardens.

The programming unit can be powered with solar panels in the most advanced models or work with a simple 9 volt alkaline battery (the same ones that are put in children's remote-controlled toys, Duracell sells them for about 3 euros!) Or the classic batteries AA (those used in the remote control).

Schedule automatic irrigations
The programming unit is installed between the main pipe and the water intake and regulates both the amount of water to be administered to the plants and the frequency with a daily, weekly, alternate day program .... The water is distributed by a series of connected tubes until it ends at the base of the plant with dripping dispensers. We will see below how to schedule irrigations automatic with two of the best control units available on the market.

For easier assembly, you can arrange your plants one after the other so that the perforated ducts have an easy-to-follow pattern and quicker installation. Here are two of the best systems automatic watering do it yourself with easy-to-install kit.

Aqua Magic System by Claber

It is one of the kits ofautomatic irrigationmost popular in the market. The Aqua Magic system is ready for use and creates an irrigation network capable of satisfying 20 pots. Just like the device we will see later, the Aqua Magic System works even in the absence of a water supply. The price of this kit, on Amazon, is 76.99 euros with free shipping.

The benefits of this kitautomatic watering do it yourselfthey are numerous. It works even if in the garden or on the balcony you have no connection to the electricity or water supply. It manages to work without electricity thanks to a smallSolar Panelintegrated on the rear body of the programmer.

Programming is easy: just set the exact time to water your plants and the amount of water to administer. For example, for small pots you can set 7 am watering time with 200 ml of water.

The operation of the programmer is simple. There are two knobs on the device, one to adjust the frequency (every day, every other day, every three days ...) and the other to adjust the amount of water to be administered.

The departure time is established when you put it into operation for the first time and it will always start at the same time with the desired frequency.

The kit includes a pump that can draw water directly from a tank or bin. For more information on the use of the tank, read the next paragraph.

Gardena Fully Automatic Flower Box Watering

This kit ofautomatic watering do it yourselfit is perfect if you do not have a tap or a connection to the water supply on the terrace or balcony. Installation is simple to implement. The kit is equipped with a pump that must be immersed in a tank.

A practical solution is to purchase a container with a volumetric capacity appropriate to your needs. For example, a user who did not have any tank, solved the problem by buying a garbage can from Ikea with a capacity of about 40 liters, the bin used it as a storage tank. With 40 liters it manages to satisfy the needs of its terrace plants for about 20 days.

In DIY and DIY stores it costs about 140 euros while on Amazon it is offered at a price of 102.90 euros with free shipping.

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