Natural remedies with ginger

Natural remedies with ginger

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Natural remedies with ginger: infusions, herbal teas and do-it-yourself preparations based on ginger to cure colds, car sickness, nausea, flu and other ailments, seasonal and otherwise.

Thereginger root, better definedrhizome, it comes in very handy in the home for the preparation of a large number ofnatural remedies. Growing ginger is easy, even in pots, on the windowsill or on the balcony. With the cultivation of potted ginger it is possible to have a source of well-being always at hand: the roots collected can be dried and used throughout the year. Ginger,Zingiber officinaleIf not grown at home, it can easily be purchased in supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stores.

Ginger: natural remedy for car sickness, seasickness and plane sickness

Thegingeris among the bestnatural remediesto counteract motion sickness, ship sickness and plane sickness. It is so effective that it is used as a remedy for motion sickness even by those who never rely on homeopathy and natural remedies.

To combat car sickness in a natural way it is possible to exploit it candied ginger or in the form of an infusion.

Those who already know they suffer from car sickness and seasickness can prepare a infused with ginger to be kept in a thermos in the winter months and in a cool bottle in the summer months. The ginger infusion, against car sickness, should be drunk in small sips throughout the journey. For information on how to prepare the ginger infusion we refer you to the paragraph at the end of the page.

Ginger herbal tea, natural remedy against cellulite

To combat cellulite you can prepare one ginger tea with lemon juice. Lemon juice, in conjunction with ginger, allows us to purify the body by helping the natural elimination of waste and toxins that would otherwise accumulate in the body, especially in the adipose tissue. It is the excess of toxins that gives life to that annoying orange peel (cellulite). For all information on how to prepare this natural remedy based on ginger, we invite you to read the page dedicated toginger and lemon herbal tea.

Ginger, a natural remedy for colds

To combat colds, you can prepare a ginger infusion with the addition, for each cup prepared, of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey. This drink should be consumed hot. For the preparation of the ginger infusion, we refer once again to the paragraph at the end of the page. The only difference is that, during boiling, you have to add a spoonful of honey while the lemon juice must be added at the end of the infusion time, after filtering the mixture.

Natural remedies with ginger to digest

Thegingerit's great natural remedy for nausea. An infusion of ginger can be useful for improving digestion. If you suffer from stomach heaviness due to difficult digestion, you can improve the situation by taking advantage of the digestive properties of ginger. To improve its effectiveness, you can add a teaspoon of the flowering and dried tops of the Artemisia genepi plant to the infusion.

The infusion will have tonic and digestive properties. Be careful because Artemia genipi is a protected species so you cannot harvest it but only grow it in the garden or buy it dried in a herbalist's shop.

How to prepare the ginger infusion

The ginger infusion is easy to prepare and can also be useful against various seasonal ailments. How you do it?

Boil a cup of water and add two thin slices of ginger. Let it boil for a couple of minutes. Turn off and leave the ginger to infuse for 5 - 10 minutes. Filter the liquid, sweeten it to taste and consume it.

Other benefits ofDIY ginger infusion can be discovered by reading the article dedicated todecoction of ginger. The same decoction of ginger it can be a natural remedy for diarrhea very effective.

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