Home video camera operated by smartphone

Home video camera operated by smartphone

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Video camera in the houseto manage with the smartphone: how to install and which camera to choose for home monitoring from iPhone, iPad or other smartphone / tablet.

Information technologies are becoming more and more accessible, so much so that with a limited budget it is possible to install a home monitoring system to be managed remotely, conveniently from smartphones and tablets.

For the installation of avideo camera in the housethe intervention of a technician is not necessary. For the operation of thecamera in the houseto be managed with a smartphone you will need an ADSL connection with a wireless connection (at home you must have a modem router, the one you use for the wi-fi internet connection). They exist on the marketcamera to be installed at homeand manage fixed (which at most have an optical zoom) or mobile smartphone, that is able to offer panoramic views of the surrounding home environment.

Home video camera from iPhone or Galaxy, which one

Which camera to choose for remote home monitoring? There are many models on the market. Until recently we would have proposed the D-Link wireless camera(modelDCS-932Lit can be bought with less than 60 euros, it is compatible with Andriod and iPhone OS but has a fixed lens that does not rotate, which today all the most complete models do) but today, for its ease of installation, we offer the Foscam model FI9831P / B.

Useful links from Amazon: Foscam FI9831P / B - Wireless camera for home monitoring

This home monitoring camera is compatible with all iPhone OS devices (iPad, iPhone 5, 6, 7, 7s .. and futuristic) and Android (Galaxi S7, Note…). It can be bought on Amazon at the competitive price of 114.90 euros (free shipping costs) and is very easy to install and configure on smartphones and home modems.

It is among the models with the best value for money on the market because it offers two-way audio and above all provides a rotation of 300 ° horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, allowing you to explore the entire home environment where it was installed from your smartphone.

Not just for monitoring: this little gem has an internal slot where you can house a 32 GB memory card for storing captured images and recorded videos. Thanks to the micro SD, the camera will record videos of detected movements.

How to install a video camera in the house?

Each model provides for a customized installation desired by the manufacturer. In this paragraph we will see how to install thecamera in the housefor remote monitoring from smartphones and tablets (iPhone or Android) of the model mentioned above, Foscam FI9831P / B. Here's how to proceed with the installation of the camera at home:

  • Avoid installation via CD because it takes longer! Even before opening the box, point your smartphone at the QR code of the package to download the free application that allows you to complete the configuration of the camera with a guided and simple procedure.
  • Mount the antenna that you find in the package (you simply have to screw it on the back of the device). It will be used for the wifi connection.
  • Insert the power plug and connect it to an electrical outlet and start the application on the smartphone (the one you installed in step one).
  • Grab thevideo cameraand turn it over, at the base of the device you will notice another QR code, frame it with your smartphone and start the automatic configuration procedure.
  • The camera is active!

The quick setup allows you to connect thevideo camerato the modem router already in your home. The IP camera must be installed within the range of your modem router. When you launch the application for the first time, you must press the "+" button to add a new camera, to pair the app with the camera you must read the QR code as explained in point 4.

On the base of the camera there is a unique QR that will allow you to access the quick configuration, the only thing you have to do, when prompted, is to enter the password of your home wi-fi network.

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