English bulldog: character and price

English bulldog: character and price

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English Bulldog, literally "Bull dog", a well-known breed widespread almost all over the world, including Italy. Of course, the notoriety of this dog was also greatly influenced by the fact that some specimens ended up on the big screen as protagonists or "helpers", which only made them even more sympathetic to most dog lovers. It cannot be said, in all honesty, that he is a beautiful dog, but in the end, this is very successful. English Bulldog.

English bulldog: characteristics

Compact trunk and not very slender limbs, the English Bulldog It is a small dog with a well placed physique, with a strong and short back and a very large head. The muzzle of this dog is characterized by a wrinkle that is very evident on the nose, the nose itself is an important presence, very large and voluminous, with marked and wide nostrils. The ears not noticeable much, on the contrary: small, adherent and "pink".

A bit like the rest of the body, even the neck of the English Bulldog it is strong and muscular, not very long, strong also the limbs that end with round and closed feet. The tail, the other end of this dog, set low, has a round shape and is devoid of fur fringes.

English bulldog: character

Although classified as a utility dog, in fact the English Bulldog is an animal destined to keep us company in the apartment or at home, preferably by lazing by our side, with all the comforts that domestic life can offer. Pampering including, indeed, pampering above all, because this dog it requires attention and wants to be with people, close, at their feet or to the side.

Affectionate and loyal to their owner, the English Bulldog he is also an efficient watchdog, he also loves to travel so we can take him with us on vacation, he will be happy, just avoid the destinations characterized by a hot climate, which suffers greatly.

English bulldog: breeding

In Italy they are over 100 English Bulldog farms recognized by ENCI, we find them all on the site and scattered from north to south, including the islands. The regions that have more structures are currently Lombardy, with 19, Lazio, with 14, and on a par with 11 farms Sicily, Campania and Veneto.

These are all places where these dogs are raised in serenity and then go into the hands and homes of those who want them, but this has not always been the case for this breed: in the mid-nineteenth century it was used in bloody fights with the bulls in the arenas of Great Britain. Like almost all Molossers, even the English Bulldog derives from the ancients "Asian Mastiffs " used already in Roman times to fight against slaves and wild beasts in the arenas.

English bulldog: puppies

The puppies of English Bulldog they may have self-esteem issues if they learn too early that their race is often considered a "natural paradox" because "Beautiful in its ugliness". It is believed that this dog was born from an anomaly perpetuated in the species and that we humans then wanted to fix its characters. It is certainly not the only breed born like this, the puppies will come to terms with it when gradually they will grow reaching a weight of about 25 kg.

Dwarf English Bulldog

Small, brachymorph and brachycephalic the English Bulldog he has a large and very robust physique, a very massive head and muscles almost everywhere. We cannot speak of a nano because it is already small and if it seems smaller to us, it is a simple variation tolerated by the standard. The body of this dog has the "pear" shape when viewed from above but it is very nice and charming, it always pulls a smile.

Black English Bulldog

The English Bulldog it is among the favorites but it is not the only possible Bulldog, there are also some with brindle, white, dappled white, brown, fawn, mottled white. If I have to say it all, the black coat is not allowed by the official standard and is extremely rare, it is better to fall back on another color, just as beautiful. To the touch the hair is fine and compact, soft and short.

English bulldog price

Although widespread, the English Bulldog has not lowered its price which remains around or greater than 800 euros. However, you can contact the farms that are in our area to get an idea of ​​the updated figures. As for the defects found in the specimens of this breed, among the most common we find the chest not very wide, the ear worn badly, the nose out, the protruding canines and deviated jaw.

English Bulldog: ideal owner

Those who jog, those who love to walk a lot, those who want to take 6-legged walks on the mountains, those who dream of having a dog to play ball or Frisbee. Here, this is not the dog for you. We are facing a lazy dog. When you invite him to move, to get up, to go out, he will most likely look at you with an air as if to say "but we really have to". This is a dog for lazy and calm people, not frantic, who tolerate rather love slow movements and days spent lounging in front of the TV with 4 legs and two crossed legs, without any worries.

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