Wireless chronothermostat to save

Wireless chronothermostat to save

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Simple, completely Italian,saves, Besides Respect the enviroment: the Rialto Wireless Chronothermostat it is the first to be able to boast these characteristics and it is so smart & easy that everyone can use it while enjoying all the benefits that intelligent technology like this offers. Which? Let's get to know them right away, they are close at hand, and as an app, for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Wireless chronothermostat: advantages and energy savings

With this Wireless chronothermostat, through the app for its management, we can choose the temperature of our rooms and optimize it, not once we return, after having put the keys in the keyhole, realizing that it is too hot or too cold. No, long before, or from afar, programming it a priori or improvising according to the weather and the agenda. It is not a game or an opportunity to play pranks on those who return home before us, but one wonderful opportunity for our portfolio and for the environment, ours, and everyone's.

Thanks to the Rialto Wireless Chronothermostat you have your habits on hand, just take a look to understand how we can optimize consumption and improve management, planning and saving money and energy, not just mental. In fact, a touch of your fingers is enough to decide to turn on the heating only when needed and program the wireless chronothermostat quickly, even when we change time or time changes, with a sudden autumn frost or an unpleasant summer heat.

What if a commitment, pleasant or not, keeps us out of the house unexpectedly? Why heat or cool the premises for nothing? A touch to the Rialto app and postpone the ignition, similarly if we free ourselves earlier and can and go home enjoying a bit of relaxation, just in the car, before starting the engine, we can start preparing the right home atmosphere.

All this, in addition to putting us in a good mood, is also good for the environment because it greatly reduces the waste of energy. The savings linked to Wireless chronothermostat, in hard cash, then, in addition to consumption, it should also be noted at the time of purchase because this device has an advantageous price to the public, one of the best on the market in terms of quality - price ratio, being a product of a short supply chain: chronothermostat and app are both made in Italy.

Wireless chronothermostat: how to install it

Such a technological product, and useful, who knows how difficult it will be to install, many will think ... but no, count up to 5 and that's it. The Wireless chronothermostat it is in fact ready for use in five steps: let's start verifying that our thermostat is compatible with Rialto, then download the app from Google Play or from Itunes App Store and connect ours new "green" thermostat following the instructions.

There Rialto White Box instead it must be connected to the home router with the ethernet cable. It is almost done: the fifth and last step is that of automatic configuration directly from the app, nothing complex, just follow the procedure indicated.

Wireless Muti-thermostat chronothermostat

The wonders of this Wireless chronothermostat are not finished: if we do not have a studio apartment, here are others that may interest us: Rialto is able to manage more thermostats, 12 even, and always also via app, even with multiple smartphones and tablets. The whole family, therefore, can "tinker" if authorized, by deciding the temperature of their "comfort zone "domestic, wherever he is, to feel at ease as soon as he comes home.

Remotely thanks to this app, we can therefore adjust the temperature of even more independent rooms, a further way to save and not waste energy: if we know that we do not have to use a guest room or study, perhaps on the weekend, why switch on there too the Wireless chronothermostat?

We can also make this decision on a Monday and program through the app, each family member can do it and, if they want, they can also configure additional thermostats relying on a high coverage of the radio signal and on the independence of Rialto Wireless Chronothermostat from the heating system, whether it is gas, biomass or solar.

Wireless chronothermostat: price

The Wireless chronothermostat, smart and simple as described, it can obviously be purchased in a smart and simple way: online, a this link. Before clicking, other advantages not to be missed, such as the "geo" function, with which the Wireless chronothermostat let the heating turn on by itself when we are about to go home. Or, just look at it, the elegant design that fits perfectly into any style of furniture, a detail that is by no means negligible today, that we are all careful to ensure that our homes are beautiful and welcoming.

More information on the Wireless Chronothermostat is available on the website of Rialto, a preview already in this very explanatory video.

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