Perro de Agua Espanol: breeding and prices

Perro de Agua Espanol: breeding and prices

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Perro de Agua Espanol, from Spain, of course, a four-legged companion of very ancient origins and always belonging to the group of retrievers, hunting dogs, water dogs. It is without a doubt a rustic animal with a proportionate and long-limbed physique, it does not weigh much compared to other similar ones and has harmonious shapes. Athletic and muscular, he really likes him but he is not alone nice to look at, it also has highly developed sight, hearing and nose.

Cane de Agua Spanish

For centuries this breed has lived and still today lives especially in Andalusia, usually used as a sheepdog and often referred to as “Turkish dog". Another “historical” role of this dog is that of game researcher, in water, obviously, and this also thanks to its very particular coat. Yes, the cloak of the Perro de Agua Espanol it is suitable and resistant - later we will see why - to variations in humidity and dryness.

Perro de Agua Espanol: character

The saying that the Perro de Agua Espanol it is rustic corresponds to literal truth, it is not a pro form appellation: this dog adapts to all situations and conditions. It can therefore only have an obedient and faithful character. But I will tell you more, it is also cheerful and balanced, dedicated to work and courageous, willing. Build a good relationship with people and get to be understood and understand what we are thinking.

Perro de Agua Espanol: characteristics

A Perro de Agua Espanol it can weigh about 20 kg, not much considering that the height at the withers for a male specimen ranges from 44 to 50 cm. The fur does a lot of scene but in truth it is a slender dog than it seems, the trunk is robust and slender, the slightly sloping croup and a broad chest. The limbs are very muscular, solid and well upright ensuring this Perro one always quick and safe pace, especially when it comes to trotting.

The profile is straight and the stop very marked, both stand out on the snout elegant and robust with a nose with well opened nostrils. The latter is not always black, it can also be of other colors but always darker than the coat. Even the color of the eyes must agree with that of the hair, often they are hazelnut color, they are always in a slightly oblique position and very expressive. Finally, the ears: triangular and drooping, albeit attached at medium height.

Perro de agua espanol: breeding

According to ENCI in Italy there are no farms dedicated to this breed, so it is reported on the official website of the institution to which I refer, but by searching online or asking the trusted veterinarian, it may be that there are structures that usually treat similar dogs and that on some occasion also host this magnificent one Perro de Agua Espanol.

A specimen of this breed always has a curly hair and woolly texture, it must therefore be well cared for to avoid that it results in total disorder and dirt. We can shear it but in a homogeneous way and not for aesthetic reasons, only because on average the hair is 12 - 15 cm long and even the puppies show it curly almost from birth.

Color does not affect grooming, fortunately, but we can find specimens of Perro de Agua Espanol single colors in white, black and brown in various shades. Or even two colors, so coupled: black and white, white and brown. Tricolors are not allowed and neither are black and tan or hazelnut and tan bicycles, difficult to understand the criterion, for non-experts, but so the standard has decreed.

Perro de agua espanol: price

To know the price of a dog of this breed it is necessary to find a kennel that hosts it, perhaps it is better to go to Andalucia vacation, where it is so popular and loved, to investigate the prices. Its most common defects are smooth or wavy hair, albinism, a non-character balanced, shy or aggressive.

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