Solar awning that produces energy

Solar awning that produces energy

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Solar awning, welcoming but above all useful because it is able to produce light, heat and electricity. And not only that, also to be found in the middle of the most crowded of gods campsites as in the most dispersed lands. Comfortable and green, I can't wait for it to arrive on the market, but in the meantime it exists, so let's see how it works and why it is an excellent news for those who love camping and also the environment.

Solar awning: what is it for

It is not a nerd's invention, to be obsessed with alternative energies and who, in order not to step on a blade of grass, do not move a step. No: this one Solar awning it's a great invention that can change the camping life of many of us eliminating all, or almost all, the most inconvenient limits of this kind of holiday.

For example, theabsence of electricity, not to mention the "cool" that there is - not always pleasant, if unexpected - in the nights in tents and lack of connection. The latter is not essential, it would not be, but there are those who cannot do without it, psychologically or for professional reasons. And in case of emergencies, being able to give and receive signals is always useful.

So here's how this one Solar awning, except for the purists of camping style "into the wild”, Fits perfectly into the holiday context, meeting the needs not of a niche but of a crowd. Finally a tent that alone accumulates all the energy we need and all thanks to the iintegration of modern photovoltaic panels, in particular fabrics.

Lovers of nature and technology at the same time are no longer forced to choose and can look forward to a holiday in Solar awning without sacrifices and in full respect of nature.

Solar awning: what it is

This curtain, besides being solar, it is intelligent. Yes, not to the point of planning the whole holiday but at least of producing energy and limiting at the same time the temperature variations that not everyone appreciates if they are particularly large.

Thanks to solar panels with which the tent is equipped, during the day the structure can enjoy one pleasant shade, you can therefore stay inside comfortably while the panel fabric accumulates solar energy which will be used later.

This gimmick was not born in a basement, from the brain of a "mad scientist", but in American design studio Kaleidoscope who designed and built it in collaboration with French telephone company Orange.

The occasion for which these two well-known realities combined ideas and experiences, giving birth to the Solar Awning, is the glastonbury music festival, offering it to its patrons. Now we have to wait for it to arrive on the market so that all lovers of camping green can use it.

Solar awning: how it works

Let's see more specifically, what's behind, and inside, and even above, this Solar awning. First of all it is covered with a photovoltaic fabric, not unique but made up of three mobile structures. This is because it is then possible make them move like sunflowers, following the rotation of the sun, throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset.

Also there ellipse shape of the curtain is not accidental nor the result of an aesthetic choice, not only that, at least: with this morphology, the structure is best oriented along the vertical connecting east and west, in order to maximize the absorption of sunlight.

We come to floor: this element is also intelligent, it heats up automatically when the outside temperature drops below a certain level, previously established. We are only at the beginning of the "tricks" that make this One of a kind solar awning.In fact there is also a system of wireless management, internally, able to guarantee access to the internet and at the same time calculate the amount and consumption of energy.

At this point you cannot miss a kit that provides everything you need for recharge mobile phones and other devices portable with wireless technology, so you do not have to leave with the sun awning and a suitcase only of cables and cables that regularly get tangled ruining the holiday.

In order not to miss a tent, and risk entering a banal one, instead of ours Solar awning, a
localization system based on the radio frequency identification technology (RFID), through lighting, it allows us to immediately identify where we need to return to even the busiest of campsites.

Accessories for awning

To stay consistent and leave for a tech & green holiday in a solar tent, here is an inevitable accessory; the portable solar light bulb, also great for the garden. This useful lamp, on sale on Amazon for only 27 Euros, it can light up for 5 hours if it is charged by the sun for 4-6.

It is an easy, environmentally friendly accessory that makes rsave energy, is high brightness LED and to install is simple, you can even adjust the direction and turn it on and off with a handy switch.

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