Ocicat cat: character and breeding

Ocicat cat: character and breeding

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Ocicat Cat, a feline made in the USA with a wonderful coat. The name of the breed is not for nothing deriving from theOcelot, the Leopardus pardalis, a wild feline that lives in the dense equatorial forests of Central America and South America.

Compared to this more wild and "grumpy" animal, ours Ocicat cat it is elegant and graceful, even in the ways, it has the appearance athletic and elegant of his relatives but he also knows how to behave in civilized and domestic environments, letting himself be caressed by those he likes. As cats always do, they select, especially if they have a wonderful spotted coat like theOcicat.

Ocicat cat: characteristics

The coat of this cat is short and shiny, well adherent to the body and soft to the touch, all qualities well considered but that no one ever considers in the case of Ocicat cat, everyone is enchanted by the color of the coat. The stains that enrich it must be as clear as possible and must never join, but are allowed in different colors: black, for example, or chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac and fawn, with or without silver undercoat.

The eyes colour goes hand in hand with those of the hair but can only vary between green and amber, the shape is oval, like an oriental cat. Apart from the fur, the Ocicat cat he has a rather robust build, is considered large in size, can also weigh 7 kg, but he knows how to move elegantly with this too important mass.

The bone structure is powerful, the limbs are long, with oval legs, and the tail is tapered, lengthening the somewhat squared silhouette. The head is also thin and appears on the forehead a very clear M characteristic, easy to recognize, and your ears pop out, spaced apart.

M does not have it but another feline that I invite you to meet is just as beautiful: theMargay or Wied's cat

Ocicat cat: character

Even with the forest animal coat, this kitty has a sociable and playful character. The Ocicat cat he is always active, if not hyperactive, and he also loves company and cuddles, therefore it is not at all good for those who want a feline that lounges on the sofa moving only to eat the croquettes.

This breed wants to be involved in family life and ensures that life is lively, lively, cheerful, never "mogia". On the other hand, theOcicat it does not give problems in living with other pets, both dogs and cats, on the contrary, it involves them in order not to be left alone because they suffer tremendously from loneliness.

Ocicat cat: breeding

Not being a very widespread breed, even if appreciated, there are not many farms that take care of it in Italy. Near Milan there is thebreeding of Ocicatti, but it is possible that by turning to similar breed farms, more information can be obtained. Let's start learning the origins of this breed before looking for it: it all started with a spotted kitten born from the intersection between a Siamese Poit Chocolate and a female with Siamese and Abyssinian blood.

During the selection work they were also included American short-haired cats, to also introduce the Silver variety, the breed was selected in Michigan around 1964 and in 1987 it received official recognition. In the United States it is quite well known and widespread, in Europe, including Italy, it is still rare to see it around.

Ocicat cat: photo

Before having the good fortune to meet the owners of a Ocicat cat that they make us admire and caress it, let's be content with some photos. The hair is undeniably a sight and does not even require much care: just brush it once a week with a fine-toothed comb, if you want to keep its shine, just one passed with a chamois cloth.

Ocicat cat: price

Beauty is often paid for, and if it is rare, you pay almost double. So it happens for the Ocicat cat which can cost around900 Euro, difficult to find without. It is not easy to indicate a valid figure since it also depends on the variety of color chosen and the pedigree.

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