Pimpinella: plant and its properties

Pimpinella: plant and its properties

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Pimpinella, a name that sounds like a nursery rhyme, it isn't but kids really like it and I bet few know why. I reveal it immediately, this plant, which is then known as Anica, in the green version is the basis of the beloved ice cream flavour blue color: the Smurf!

Pimpinella and Smurf, therefore, they are relatives, but this plant is much more than a sky-colored ice cream taste, it has many properties that will also appeal to adults who, al Smurf, they prefer the sour cherry variegato, like me.

Pimpinella Anisum: plant

The real name of the plant is actually Pimpinella Anisum but we all know it as Anise or, at best, Green Anise. Belonging to the Apiaceae or Ombelliferae family and is native to the Mediterranean, it has been successfully cultivated since ancient times, both in gardens and in vegetable gardens.

No more than a meter high, the Pimpinella it has an empty stem inside and leaves with different shapes depending on where they sprout. At the top they are more incised, small and with a short petiole, going down the petiole is longer and the leaves are wider, with a lobed shape and toothed margin. THE flowers I'm white umbrellas of small inflorescences while the seeds are small diachenes marked by evident streaks.

Pimpinella: ownership

The property Smurf aside, so you love the Pimpinella is its effectiveness against nausea and vomiting, known and recognized both by popular tradition and herbal sciences: its seeds promote digestion and fight bloating, abdominal swelling and the consequent pains.

Other important properties of this herb are antibacterial and expectorant properties, linked to essential oils, then there is theAntispasmodic action, by no means to be overlooked. Finally, if this is not enough, it can also be said that the Pimpinella is also used as balsamic herb: with its aromatic oils some tasty liqueurs are prepared, at the same time it is also used as a galactogen because helps produce breast milk.

Pimpinella in the kitchen: recipes

It will make you digest, but among the recipes, we have chosen a rather light one, with a touch of Pimpinella which makes it unique. here is the Mixed vegetable gratin, and by mixed I mean very mixed: asparagus, courgettes, spring onions, snow peas, carrots, minimum.

Let's take 800 grams, and then 6 eggs, one bunch of burnet burner, breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan cheese and liquid cream. Of course, salt and pepper. After having cleaned and prepared the vegetables, let's boil them and toss them, meanwhile in a bowl we can beat the eggs, adding 80 grams of cream. The eggs are cooked by scrambling them, in a knob of hot butter and then seasoned with salt, pepper and plenty of it chopped burnet.

We can also try the pesto alla pimpinella which will certainly be appreciated as a variant of the classic basil. It is not difficult to prepare, just substitute this herb for basil and add a little less garlic. those who do not love him will be happy. The procedure is the same but the taste is much more delicate even if it will have nothing to do with the Smurf taste, which is also dominated by the presence of the burner.

Let's take the serving dish and put the eggs in it first, and then the boiled vegetables, cut in half lengthwise. Like snow, breadcrumbs and grated cheese are scattered on top and then theput the dish in the oven, to the grill, until we like the gratin color.

Pimpinella: where to buy the plant

Given the wide use of this plant in the kitchen, calling her Anica, and also in confectionery, as well as in pharmaceutical products, liqueurs and herbal teas, why not also try to grow a plant on our balcony? Come on, with less than 5 euros you can buy a plant online and it's done. Already used to Mediterranean climate it will certainly not create difficulties.

Pimpinella: massage oil

The properties of Pimpinella are by no means finished: I have left for last those in "massage oil" format, a great way to pamper yourself, 100% natural. This oil, also available online on Amazon, it is also recommended for daily use, especially after bathing, it serves to moisturize and nourish the skin, it has an immediate regenerating, calming and refreshing effect.

In this bottle of Massage oil with Pimpinella there are also extracts of sandalwood and drops of shea oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.

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