Garlic, cultivation in pots or in the garden

Garlic, cultivation in pots or in the garden

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Garlic, grown in pots or in the garden. Tips for growing garlic at home (on the balcony or terrace) or in the garden. Cures for food or flower garlic.

The instructions on this page are valid for both cultivation of ornamental garlic(flowering garlic), and for garlic for food purposes. We also remind you that that ofblack garlic it is not a variety but a white garlic fermented in order to make it more nutritious. For more information on the cultivation of ornamental garlic (flower) and black garlic as a natural remedy, we refer you to the in-depth pages:

  • Black garlic
  • Garlic, flower and plant

Who lives in northern Italy and intends to growing garlic in the garden, would do well to choose some kind ofAlliummore rustic because more resistant to cold. Those who live in Southern Italy can allow themselves the luxury of choosing less rustic and therefore more delicate species.

Garlic, cultivation and care

Location and terrain

Garlic prefers sunny and not very windy locations. Grow garlic in fertile, soft and well-draining soils. If you have any doubts about the quality of the soil in your garden, do a deep pre-planting dig by burying organic fertilizer such as mature compost or pelleted manure.

Cultivation period

When to plant garlic? THE garlic bulbs they must be planted between the end of September and the end of November, those who live in the north should not go beyond the month of October or in any case must check that the ground of the plant is not frozen.

Planting of garlic

Garlic should be grown in rows, each plant being spaced 20 - 30 cm from the other. Who wantsgrow garlic for the flower(for ornamental purposes) can plant the bulbs at a closer distance to create splashes of color. Those who grow garlic for ornamental purposes cannot go below 20 cm because they must allow the cloves (cloves of garlic) to swell properly!

The holes must be slightly more than double the diameter of the buried bulb. The garlic should be buried with the tip upwards.

When to irrigate garlic

Generally, garlic should not be irrigated because it develops between autumn and winter, when the rains are enough to irrigate. Some wetting may be necessary only in case of prolonged drought or towards spring, in conjunction with flowering. The speech changes for those who intendgrowing garlic in pots (see tips below).


If you have followed a deep dig by burying manure or compost, no further fertilization will be necessary. Alternatively or for those who started thecultivation of garlic in pots, it will be necessary to administer a slow release fertilizer.

When to harvest garlic

Edible garlic is harvested from July-August. The garlic is harvested when it is fully ripe.

Garlic, growing in pots, indoors or on the balcony

The care to be devoted to garlic grown in pots are the same as seen up to now. Those who grow in pots will have to implement only extra precautions:

  • If you intend to grow garlic in pots, on the balcony or terrace, set up windbreaks if the area is very windy.
  • Keep the pots in a sunny or semi-sunny position.
  • Choose very large pots, you can also grow garlic in planters.
  • If you want to grow giant garlic in pots, the container chosen, in addition to being large in terms of diameter, must also be very deep.
  • Grown in soft and fertile soil, it is not necessary to use specific soil, universal soil will suffice.
  • Potted garlic must be watered weekly, especially if the pots are placed on a covered balcony or at home.

Flowering garlic, tips for cultivation:
you can plant garlic flowers interspersed with tulip plants or other bulb flowers. Just choose other bulbs which, like garlic, develop stem and flower starting from spring. The flowering of garlic can go on for a large span of months, from late spring to late summer.

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