Tatra Shepherd Dog: breeding and price

Tatra Shepherd Dog: breeding and price

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Tatra Shepherd Dog, a little known to less experienced dog, coming from Poland and belonging to the group of shepherd and cattle dogs. It is a medium-large sized animal, with a rather muscular physique and vivacity, among its peculiarities, the fact that the males are a little shorter than the females and the white coat, typical of its.

Tatra Shepherd Dog: characteristics

Let's start with the hair, so candid, the first thing you notice and appreciate. It is short and thick on the head, muzzle and hocks while on the body is long and sometimes even slightly wavy, especially on the thighs and collar. To caress it, it is hard, not very pleasant, but iunquestionably white, even the smallest yellow shades are not allowed.

When I say that the Tatra Shepherd Dog it is of medium-large size, which means that it has a height at the withers of about 60 - 70 cm and a weight ranging from 45 to 60 kg. Its structure is massive but not stocky, the trunk is long and the topline straight, the forelimbs are muscular, with a strong bone structure and the feet are large and oval, with curious hard plantar pads and blunt and dark nails. There tail of the Tatra Sheepdog it is carried below the dorsal line, long up to the hock and sometimes slightly arched at the bottom.

Let's move on to the head: it is proportionate and fits perfectly into the overall harmony of this dog, the stop is quite marked and the nose is always black, with well-opened nostrils. The ears of the Tatra Shepherd Dog they are triangular in shape and clearly covered with hair, but adhere to the head in a disciplined manner, the eyes are extremely expressive. They are placed obliquely and of dark colour.

Tatra Shepherd Dog: character

The nature of the Tatra Shepherd Dog and from Shepherd Dog, so we are dealing with a discreet and very faithful four-legged friend, alert and attentive, for this reason, therefore, perfect as a guard dog.

Coming from Poland, he also has a considerable and appreciated resistance to cold and hostile climate in general, has no great pretensions. This is certainly a rustic breed but it can learn to live at home, with the family, even if there are children it treats in a way. respectful and delicate.

Tatra Shepherd Dog: breeding

Today in Italy there are no farms of Tatra Shepherd Dog recognized by ENCI, we can look for them in your homeland, asking for puppies of Polski Owczarek Podlhalanski. This breed has the origins in common, if it can help you find a similar dog, more available, with the Maremma Abruzzese shepherd dog, the Kuvasz and the "Czechoslovakian shepherd”.

All seem to come from large shepherd dogs that came from the Middle East to central Europe at the hands of Phoenicians and Greeks. The debut of the Tatra Sheepdog in a world exhibition dates back to 1974 and this breed has chosen Paris to make itself known.

Tatra Shepherd Dog: price

Besides that in Poland, also in Holland we can have some hope of finding a breeding of this breed, it is still difficult to estimate the price, it will certainly not be exaggerated but not even minimal considering the great usefulness it has, both as Shepherd Dog both as a guardian of land and houses.

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