Decorate with stencils

Decorate with stencils

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Instructions fordecorate with stencilswalls, furniture or any other support. The stencil technique is easy, inexpensive and affordable for everyone.

The technique ofstencilallows us to bring old furniture back to life, to give appliances a new look ordecorate wallsof the House.

Stencil templates

The technique of decoration with stencil consists in using detailsmasksthat are easily found on the market or that can be prepared at home following our guide:how to build a stencil template.

If you are not going to print and crop. You can buy masks in stores dedicated to DIY and do-it-yourself, or by taking advantage of online sales where you can take advantage of the most competitive prices. An example? On Amazon, a set of 6 stencil masks is offered at a price of 9.18 euros with free shipping costs. The set of stencil masks includes 3 different birds (one in flight with spread wings and two at rest), a branch, a birdhouse and some clouds ... obviously we could only offer you a "nature" themed stencil mask !

Decorate with stencils

Stencil decoration is simple, besides the masks you will need brushes and paint. For thestencilyou must use brushes with short and rather hard bristles.

To paint through the cutouts of the masks you can also use pads or sponges, which are particularly recommended if you intend to use large masks and cover an entire wall.

In addition to the brushes, you will need adhesive tape to attach the masks to the wall. Better to use some paper tape so it won't leave any residue on the walls. So, to recap, here's what you need it fordecorate walls with stencils,furniture or other supports:

  • Mask
  • Painting
  • Brushes or sponges
  • Masking tape

Which paint to use to decorate with stencils

The most suitable paint is not chosen based on the type of technique used but on the support. In case you intenddecorate walls with stencilsan acrylic paint or dense water-based paint is indicated. Avoid solvent-based paints because they are more polluting and less suitable for living in the home. To learn more about the choice of painting, we recommend reading the guideWater-based or solvent-based enamel.

You will notice that water-based enamel is more suitable for the walls of the house. If you need the stencil technique to decorate furniture or wooden tables, it is better to use an acrylic enamel or specific colors for the wood.

Again, if thedecoration with stencilyou need it to renovate appliances, you must use specific paints as explained in the articleHow to paint appliances.

Preparation of the substrate

Before gluing the mask and trying your hand at painting, it is important to thoroughly clean the support. The mask, as well as the area to be decorated, must be clean and dry. The result of your operation strictly depends on the preparation of the substrate. The dust, for example, prevents the adhesion of the paint and creates very unpleasant lumps to the touch and sight.

When painting, you have to work from the periphery towards the center of the mask filling all fields with color. Let everything dry before removing the mask. Remember to use one color at a time: in order to change color you have to wait until the previous color is completely dry!

If you are a beginner, before decorate walls with stencils you can do some experiments on cardboard. In this case, to paint, you can use simple watercolors.

Some tips and tricks for decorating your home with stencils are available on the page: ideas for decorating your home with stencils