Wood milling, useful tips

Wood milling, useful tips

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Wood milling: how to mill wood, the best milling machine to use and practical advice for woodworking.

Theremilling machineit is an important tool that cannot be missing among the tools of those who love working with wood.

What does it meanto mill wood?
With the milling the sharp edges of the wood can be smoothed or even transformed into edging of various kinds. Thanks to wood millingyou can get discounts, geometric engravings, freehand decorations, grooves…. In short, onemilling machineit is the best if you like to do creative jobs with wood.

In commerce it is possible to findfreehand milling machines, horizontal milling machinesor vertical milling machine. The freehand ones are cheaper while the bench milling machine is generally used for professional use.

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How to use the milling machine

Theremilling machinevertical allows you to create any type of edging, hulling and grooving. Thanks tomilling machineit is possible to create real drawings on the wood.

Theremilling machineit is used in a different way both according to the type (freehand or bench) and according to the type of work you intend to obtain. For completeness, we explainhow to use the milling machinefor the works ofwood milling most common: grooving, edge shaping and geometric decorations.

Wood milling: grooving

The groove on the surface of the wood is a very popular decoration. When the groove does not go beyond 10 - 15 cm from the edge of a surface, you should use a parallel guide; the rip fence is an accessory that attaches to the sole of thecutterand which allows the piece of wood to be worked to slide perfectly parallel to thecutter.

By starting the milling machine, thanks to the guide, it is possible to perform a perfectly straight pass by making onewood groove, flawless.

Rout the wood to shape the edges

Themilling machineshave a special mechanism forshape the edges of the wood. The molding and shaping of the edges of the wooden boards is easily done with the copier button. This mechanism uses a small wheel that is mounted on the side guide and makes thecutteralong the edge of the wood, always keeping the tool rotating and in contact with the edge to be processed.

The milling machine for decorating wood

As stated, themilling machinecan be used to cut out designs from wood! It is possible to perform geometric or freehand decorations.

For geometric decorations, it mounts oncutteraextendable armwhich is equipped with a tip at its outer end. Thanks to the extendable arm and its tip, it is possible to create circular arcs of various sizes, straight sections but also circular millings of various diameters. The action is very easy for geometric figures, you just need to take the necessary measurements and adjust the pull with the cutter arm.

Freehand decorations can bring to life various designs on the surface of wooden panels. So you will be able to create not only geometric or squared figures, it will be possible to obtain, with the wooden panels, different designs. This work is more cumbersome because it requires good dexterity. To better practice freehand wood decoration, you can equip the router with a flexible shaft.

Which milling machine to buy?
It all depends on your budget. If you want to save money and get a good product, you can aim for the BT - BJ 900 model by Einhell proposed on Amazon at the price of 71.50 euros (with free shipping). This milling machine is perfect for those who find themselves working with wood for the first time. It manages to deliverwood millingup to 18 cm and on structure adjustable in 3 positions. The indicated milling machine is equipped with a multifunction guide that allows greater ease of use. The cutter is adjustable up to a height of 6 cm and an inclination of 180 °, so as to ensure maximum versatility of the workwood milling.

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