Black Newfoundland: breeding and puppies

Black Newfoundland: breeding and puppies

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Black Newfoundland, it might seem obvious, but it isn't, because the black Newfoundland is one of the three Newfoundland that we can meet. There are also in brown and in double color: white with black spots. The "black" one remains the most common and I couldn't help but dedicate a page of its own to it. Even the images are valid, for those who are not lucky enough to own or know one.

Black Newfoundland

The breed of the Black Newfoundland it is of Canadian origin, as well as the other chromatic versions which are intended as different varieties of a single breed, belonging to the group of Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs.

For the few who do not know thehuge black Newfoundland, I confirm that we are dealing with a large animal, in the true sense of the word. It has a physicist robust, massive but very elegant and harmonious. His size is not that of a dog that is not very athletic but hides a considerable strength. We will see that it is not one of those big lazy and slow animals, it will surprise us with a lively activity, size XXL, so not very suitable for studio owners.

Newfoundland black and white

As anticipated, there is also the variety of Newfoundland black and white, in truth it should be said black and white because the spots are black and the background white. To the Newfoundland we reserve an article for itself, while we tell this in patches together with its similar. The fur of this animal is very resistant to water, it is flat and dense, characterized by a strong and oily texture.

Black Newfoundland: character

As the nature of the hair and its origin suggests, the Black Newfoundland he loves water and if we want to be good masters, loved by him, let him take dives often. It has been called for years “Lifeguard dog”Because he does not jump into the water just for fun: if well trained, he is a skilled rescue dog.

With people, even if they're not drowning, that's a lot sweet and sociable, even if they are not members of his family. Of course, to the master the Black Newfoundland becomes attached in a unique and unparalleled way.

So massive and thick, this big dog even if you would not think, in its first months of life it can be delicate in health, but then it becomes powerful and must absolutely stay in the garden, because it is big and also because it is a dog that loves being outside and needs it , he has no problem sharing his space with other animals.

Black Newfoundland: breeding

In Italy the Black Newfoundland even if it comes from afar, it is well known, loved and bred, ENCI lists over 40 recognized structures throughout the peninsula, of which 9 in Piedmont, 7 in Lombardy, 6 in Lazio and 4 in Emilia Romagna. These are the regions that host the highest number of farms but there are many others scattered around, easy to find one near your area.

As a race, that of the Black Newfoundland or of other colors is rather ancient, bred for a long time even if its origin is not yet clear. His Canadian names are Newfoundland and Terre Neuve and many think that it descends from bear dogs that came to America from the Vikings but there is also the theory that links it to "Tibet Mastiff" arrived together with the ancestors of the American Indians.

Over the past few decades, the Black Newfoundland it was often used in hunting, fishing or towing, sometimes also as a guard dog, today it is often chosen for its extreme beauty and shows itself every year, an increasingly brilliant show dog.

Black Newfoundland puppies

The puppies of Black Newfoundland they immediately make it clear that when they grow up they will grow up. In fact, males can measure up to 71 cm at the withers while females stop at 66, as a weight, it can vary from 50 to 68 kg. As I mentioned, this bulk is carried with elegance, the trunk of these dogs is proportionate and harmonious, the limbs are muscular and straight, solid and powerful, so as to ensure a wide stride and a good rear drive.

The tail of the Black Newfoundland it is a sturdy and hairy tail, not too long and carried rather low, passing to the head, it is broad and massive. The stop is not marked, in fact the muzzle is short and square with a wide and black nose at the bottom, then from the head the ears emerge which, in proportion, seem small and remain adherent. Even the eyes are not very big, appear sunken and brown in color.

Newfoundland black price

Much loved, this dog costs a lot, the size also affects the price, as well as notoriety. A black Newfoundland puppy costs around One thousand Euro, but whoever buys it should also do the bills of the euro that are needed to feed a small dog that will become a big dog. It is an investment, but as a breed, nothing to say, it is wonderful and very sweet.

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