Andean maca: properties and contraindications

Andean maca: properties and contraindications

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Andean maca, for the pre-Columbian tribes of Peru it was even considered a gift from the gods, today we, without exaggerating, have every reason to consider it an important food for our health, full of properties to know and exploit without prejudice some towards what comes "from outside".

Besides being a good tonic, it also has an aphrodisiac power, increases sexual desire and affects fertility. Only recently have the Germans and Americans also deepened property of the Andean Maca ending up agreeing with the pre-Columbian tribes and clearing its use also in the West and North America.

Maca Andina: plant

There Maca from the Andes, scientifically called Lepidium meyenii, it is a plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family, with a root that is particularly rich in essential nutrients for the body. Its origins are to be sought on the Andes in Peru and Bolivia, in the range between 2500 and 5000 m., and is able to withstand very harsh climatic conditions.

Strong winds, extreme temperature range, temperatures below zero and strong sunlight do not affect the growth that occurs even in very poor and rocky soils. Only the Andean maca, together with bitter potatoes, it manages to grow in these inhospitable places, where no trees are seen, at most shrubs and low plants.

Maca andina: characteristics

There Andean maca it is of modest size, it is a herbaceous plant that is defined perennial for its roots which are fleshy tubers resembling the turnip, rounded in shape, with a diameter of about 8 cm. and maximum length 15. Color may vary from dark red to yellow, yellow are also the very small flowers, while the leaves are green, sprouting at the base and on the lateral branches, alternating.

Andean maca: properties

After having an idea of ​​the plant, even if it will be difficult to go and pick it up in person, let's see what are these properties that have earned it the title of "Gift of the gods".

This root contains all essential nutrients to our body, for which it represents a complete food: it is rich in essential amino acids (10.2%), vitamins and mineral salts, it does not lack carbohydrates and even fatty acids and fibers. Nothing to say, the Andean maca it is a complete and natural food.

The high content of vitamins A, C and B complex, of calcium, iron and zinc, make it one of the foods recommended for those suffering from diseases of the nervous system but also from various anemia because it is able to elevate hemoglobin level. It is also useful for strengthening the immune system and, in view of the winter, let us remember that it is a good way to fight flu symptoms such as fever, cough and cold.

Andean maca as a supplement

This Andean tuber is also highly recommended for athletes, it is not a food for the sick, everyone can taste it, certain that it will go to improve the response to stress and fatigue, and resistance to maximal efforts. First and foremost sportsmen should include it in their menu, due to its properties of invigorating and energizing, moreover the presence of amino acids make the Andean maca also able to increase muscle mass.

Andean maca to promote fertility

It was not a fantasy, that of the pre-Columbians, who used the Andean maca for aphrodisiac purposes, it is known as Peruvian viagra and for all intents and purposes in women acts as a stimulant the maturation of Graff's follicles and enlargement in the endometrium.

Today it is therefore recommended to reduce pre-menstrual syndrome or menstrual pain, to regularize the cycle, also during pregnancy and breastfeeding and has effects benefits on the uterus.

In men the Maca it would seem to be able to do increase the amount of sperm by ejaculation, and improves sperm motility, for both males and females it has a balancing action on the hormonal system as a whole, promoting fertility.

Andean maca in capsules: where to buy it

At specialized stores, in pharmacies that also sell natural products, we can try to ask if they also hold this legendary tuber, much more simply we can buy some an online package on Amazon for only 15 Euros so you can see if it keeps its promises.

Andean maca in capsules: contraindications

From ancient times to today the Andean maca it has never shown to trigger particular side effects but before using it is always better consult with your doctor.

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