How to wash the curtains

How to wash the curtains

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How to wash the curtains: washing instructions for awnings, panel curtains and classic home or garden curtains. Tips for not wrinkling them.

We should wash the curtainswith each change of season, however this practice seems too cumbersome especially when it comes toawningsorpanel curtainsdifficult to disassemble and manage.

Yet, with the right techniques, thewashing the curtainsit's not that hard to do! First of all, know that there are somelaundrieswho can wash and dry large curtains even for 25 - 30 euros by performing special antibacterial treatments; who prefers thedo it yourself washingwill have to do is follow our guide onhow to wash the curtains.

How to wash home curtains

The first thing to do is to check the fabric of your curtains, how is it washable? Based on this, we will then choose the right washing machine program. Some curtains cannot go in the washing machine and require dry cleaning, let's talk about organza or taffeta curtains, for these fabrics the laundry is almost the obligatory choice. For all other fabrics, just program the washing machine and perform the appropriate wash.

If you wantwash the curtains without creasing them, you will want to give up the washing machine drum and use a large basin or the bathtub.

Fill the container (or bathtub) with just lukewarm water and immerse the folded curtain in it in an orderly manner. Folding the awning when washing, will not form large creases and it will not be necessaryiron.

To the washing water, add a neutral and delicate detergent. If you have white curtains, to whiten them, you can add hydrogen peroxide or perbonate while for colored curtains you can add two glasses of white wine vinegar to the washing water.

Rinse several times being careful not to wrinkle the curtains. If you wantwash the curtains without ironing them, in the last rinse add some starch.

Spread the curtains without squeezing them, let the water run off freely arranging them, right from drying, in a vertical position. The weight of the water, flowing downwards, will stretch the fabrics ... in this way it will stretch themthey will iron by themselves. Always to avoidiron the curtains, you can hang them in their final location, when they are slightly damp, in this way the wrinkles from washing and drying will tend to disappear.

How to wash awnings

For the awningsoroutdoor blinds, to be clear, those that shade your balcony, terrace or garden, washing is simplified only if you don't have to do the disassembly yourself. In this context, hydrobrushes can be useful.

Thanks to the hydrobrush you canwash the awningswith the power of water and remove mud, bird gifts, smog, dust and everything that the wind brings on yourgarden tents.

A hydrobrush allows you to take advantage of the power of the water and the action of the bristles to wash, clean, scrape with a delicate force, without going to mark, scratch or damage the fabric of the curtain.

With hydrobrushes it is possiblewash the curtains of the gazeboand any kind ofdraperyfrom outside.

What is a hydrobrush? It is a tool that simplifies periodic washing of curtains. The brushes, in fact, are connected to flexible or aluminum pipes that make water flow at high pressure through the bristles of a brush. The brush, in turn, is mounted on a telescopic handle that can be maneuvered and folded to reach even thegarden curtainshigher and more difficult.

There are many models of hydrobrushes available on the market, all more or less effective even if with different characteristics (some are telescopic, others are able to fold the "brush head" at different angles, some are with soft bristles, others more rigid ...) . Among the various market proposals, we point out theLampa Jumpo hydrobrush by Acquastop proposed on Amazon at a price of 32.00 euros with free shipping. It is a suitable brush for washing the most delicate curtains because the density of the bristles is designed to remove stains and dirt without damaging the fabrics (scratch-resistant fiber).

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