Garden games for children

Garden games for children

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Garden games for children, of all types and sizes, because it is not necessary to have a green space as large as a football field to be able to have fun with your children or grandchildren, or as children, assuming you can access these great little amusement parks private.

One of the richest catalogs of proposals byGarden games for children is that ofPoolgarden, brand distributed by New Plast S.r.l .. Leafing through it, I assure you that you will be spoiled for choice among the many proposals!Swings, slides, houses, trampolines, of all shapes and colors, of various materials but above all suitable fordifferent age groups and garden sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

In addition to the feeling ofmake a dream come true, ours and our children,Poolgarden it also assures us a careful attention in the choice of raw materials and in finishing the details so that i Garden games for children are fun but also safe. And beautiful, because our green corner must remain a paradise even for those who do not use the slide but want to grow roses.

With thegreen spirit that characterizes us, I chose theWooden children's garden games, but this is not the only usable material.

Garden games for children: Wooden swings

Ninfea, among the Garden games for children swing format the one that entertains three, two on the swing, and one on a little horse, also "fluctuating". This set is 235 cm high and is made with the utmost care in autoclaved wood. The seats are made of plastic, so sturdy that ensure the seal for children aged 3 to 12 years. This Water lily, made to arrive home, directly in the garden, perhaps, it fits in a package measuring 261 x 32 x 46 cm.

Garden games for children: Play areas

For those who love i Garden games for children multi-use, play areas are the ideal solution, especially if you have children of different ages to entertain: in these structures with any kind of built-in pastime, all find the way to play by going from the classic swing, or from the cute little horse to slides, terraces, climbing net and ropes.

Between Garden games for children incorporating more attractions my favorite is Mohave. Putting myself in the shoes of a child, aged 3 to 12, I fell in love with it, finding the rocking chair and the swing, and the horse, but also a fun slide with platform. The access staircase in wood and the whole structure is 250 cm high, it is able to accommodate 6/7 children at the same time, as an area it occupies an ideal rectangle 345 x 365 cm.

Garden games for children: Trampolines

There is no need to waitLuna Park or the country fair to have fun bouncing on trampolines because these are amongGarden games for children that we can safely host in our home so that we can use them all year round. There are many models and various sizes. Perhaps the simplest to arrange in gardens even of city sizes is this one with a diameter of 244 cm, always suitable for children between 3 and 12 years of age, the important thing is that they do not weigh more than 50 kg.

The majority of these Garden games for children they have a painted and galvanized metal structure, a trampoline anchored with steel hooks with safety protection and a protective mat reinforced with a polyethylene sponge. Maximum safety which, when packaged, occupies a space of 132 x 54 x 22 cm, once assembled it is 80 cm high as a structure, 155 cm as a net.

Garden games for children: Slides

One of the simplest but timeless Garden games for children in my opinion it is the slide, the first one I aimed at as soon as I arrived in any playground, to be able to experience a thousand times and more that feeling of freedom and speed that can only be grasped by sliding.

The slide JUMBO is special, however, because it has a connection that makes it also usable for playing in the water. The structure is in colored plastic, 220 cm long, the ladder has a handrail and the steps are non-slip. We can also choose the color of these Garden games for children.

Garden games for children: Playhouses for children

The small house is a very particular choice, among others Garden games for children, perhaps the most envied but also the most difficult to place, in a meadow. Every little one dreams of it in his own image and likeness, as it werehis kingdom or his palace, guessing the right model is not trivial but in the Poogarden catalog there are something for all tastes.

Simple but with everything you could want, there is blueberry house, in colored pine wood, its dimensions (245 x 180 H 220 cm) are also suitable for gardens of modest size and when packaged it occupies a not exaggerated space, being in any case a small house. (140 x 115 x 20)

Before choosing i Garden games for children to put under the Christmas tree or to give on a birthday, here is a video that gives a good idea of ​​the many green and fun possibilities.

For more information on these garden games for children and to buy them online you can visit the website of Poolgarden

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