Suffumigi with bicarbonate

Suffumigi with bicarbonate

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Suffumigi with bicarbonate: a natural remedy for ailments caused by the cold. The benefits and indications for making the most of the properties of steam and bicarbonate.

When temperatures inevitably drop, our body is affected, for this reason it is important to take the right amount of daily vitamins and try to avoid large changes in temperature. Despite the precautions, it is sometimes difficult not to get sick. Seasonal colds are always around the corner: cough, mucus, nasal congestion or in general respiratory difficulties related to the cold.

Before resorting to real drugs, a useful advice may be to do some fumigations with bicarbonate, a simple grandmother's remedy that can soothe pains and improve health. Let's find out on this page what are the advantages and the properties of fumigations with bicarbonate and how to prepare this grandmother's remedy at home!

Suffumigi with bicarbonate:properties and what they are for

If you've never tried one, you've surely heard of fumigations. In Campania they were also indicated with the term "fuming"(Fumenti) due to the high amount of vapors. THE fumigations represent a remedy tancient as it is effective, especially against cold symptoms that affect the respiratory system.

The procedure is very simple, just boil some water and inhale the vapors that come out, perhaps with the help of a towel to create a "greenhouse effect" and not to disperse all the steam. Often in the water of fumigations essential oils are added to enhance the beneficial effects of the vapors. As anticipated in this article we will talk about the fumigations with bicarbonate and the health benefits gained from this ancient natural remedy.

Suffumigi with bicarbonate, what are they

It is no coincidence that i fumigations were already used in ancient Rome to combat problems related to colds or in general against ailments caused by the cold.

The function of fumigations is that of decongest the respiratory tract, it is from there that a series of problems caused by the cold (such as mucus and cough) arise.

With the heat given off by the steam it is possible to literally free the respiratory channels, thus eliminating the heart of the problem. With the help of a towel and baking soda, the beneficial effect is truly immediate!

Often many sites wrongly report the news according to which bicarbonate it would have an antiseptic effect. This can be considered as a relative truth since the action of bicarbonate it is not really disinfectant. In practice the bicarbonate it modifies and regulates the pH level creating an unfavorable environment for bacterial growth (which makes it almost, a natural antiseptic!).

Benefits of fumigations with bicarbonate

The bicarbonate allows you to create a difficult environment for the proliferation of bacteria, as we explained in the previous paragraph. In addition, its function is to enhance beneficial effects of the heat of the steam and, those wishing to add specific virtues could use a few drops of essential oil. Depending on the oils used, it is possible to further enhance the benefits of fumigations with bicarbonate. To give some examples:

  • turpentine essential oil can be useful against asthma and inflammation of the bronchi.
  • Camphor essential oil is very useful against sore throats.
  • The essential oil of betualla is a good remedy for headaches.
  • Pine essential oil, recommended for coughing.

THE fumigations with bicarbonate can be useful against:

  • Cold
  • Sinusitis
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Stuffed nose

How to prepare fumigations with bicarbonate

- Pour some water into a large pot (at least 1 liter).
- Turn on the fire and wait until the water boils.
- Add about 1 heaping tablespoon of bicarbonate for every liter of water.
- Boil for a few more minutes, so that the baking soda mixes well.
- Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or tea oil to enhance the benefits of baking soda.
- Turn off the heat and leave to cool for about 5 minutes.
- Move the pot to a comfortable surface (such as a large kitchen table).
- Sit in front of the pot and with the help of a cloth or towel cover the liquid, avoiding to disperse precious water vapor.
- Lift the cloth and try to inhale the escaping vapors.
- About every 2 minutes, resume moving the garment beyond the towel in order to get some air back.
- Repeat this operation at least 2-3 times a day.

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