Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina

Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina

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Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina, from Romania, precisely from the Carpathian region, here is a very little known breed but that does not give reasons to be silent. It belongs to the group of dogs of the Pinscher and Schnauzer type, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs, it is of medium-large size and of robust and reliable appearance. The average life is about a dozen years, calculated considering this dog as a guard and cattle guard. This is precisely his main vocation, at least the original one, the one for which he was selected among the Carpathian mountains, in Bucovina region that has remained in his name.

Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina: characteristics

Molosser and medium-large, ours Ciobanesc romanescde Bucovina it is certainly not a purse dog or for elderly owners, just think that a male specimen at the withers measures from 70 to 78 cm and females a little less. The general appearance of this Romanian four-legged is very impressive, his physique is massive and muscular, covered with short hair only on the head and on the front of the limbs. The rest?

No, the Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina it is not a naked dog, on the contrary it has an abundant and long coat, dense and rough to the touch, on the torso and on the other parts of the body not mentioned above. As for the color, there is no wide choice for owners of dogs of this breed since the only ones allowed are white and white-beige with gray or black spots. If, on the other hand, the inserts of a different color from the background appear brindle, they are not allowed by the standard, there is no real prohibition on the single color, but the most rigorous fans turn up their noses.

Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina: character

As mentioned, this breed was selected in its time to take care of the sheep and herds of cattle acting as a shepherd dog, thus protecting them, as well as protecting the territory and home of the Padorni. It therefore goes without saying that the Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina he has a very courageous character and at the same time also balanced and calm, a perfect mix to be able to apply as a babysitter.

He loves children, plays with them and is not dangerous, on the contrary, he spends time with them willingly, much less happy is when he has to interact with strangers towards whom he is suspicious. It is a guard dog and it is better this way. However, it is essential that a master of Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina have a pulse and firmness when training him, this dog has a determined character and if we show ourselves weak or indecisive, he decides!

Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina: breeding

Race autochthonous from the Carpathians, this remains or almost widespread only in the Bucovina region, located in the north-east of Romania where many still use it with great satisfaction to guard flocks and property. Known as Dulau or Capau, the Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina it does not have dedicated farms in Italy, at least not recognized by the ENCI.

Ciobănesc românesc de Bucovina: price

So impossible to find, or almost, in our area, and almost always used as a working dog, the Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina it is difficult to "price". Moreover, this breed is only provisionally accepted by the FCI, while the other Romanian shepherd breeds are already officially recognized. The current standard dates back to March 29, 2002, but the first was drafted in 1982 and updated in 2001 since Romanian Kennel Club.

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