Pellet and wood stoves: deductions and thermal bill

Pellet and wood stoves: deductions and thermal bill

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Incentives for boilers e pellet and wood stoves: requirements and info to access tax deductions or althermal account. Which facility is more convenient and how to get it.

If you are thinking of replacing the old boiler with a new biomass one or simply to buy pellet and wood stoves, you can count on the tax deductions provided for by the Stability Law and on the Thermal Account made available by the GSE. Let's see all the details immediately.

Purchase of pellet and wood boiler or stove:incentives provided for by the Thermal Account

The purchase ofbiomass boilerspellet or wood stoves, already benefited from the tax deductions provided for by the 2016 stability law and confirmed (with some amendments) by the 2017 stability law. From 31 May 2016, those who choose thebiomass heatingcan take advantage of an additional incentive: thethermal account.

Are tax deductions and thermal account cumulative?

The two measures (tax deductions and thermal account) are not cumulative and for the smart ones who still want to try, at the time of purchase, the type of incentive to be accessed must be indicated in the reason for the transfer.

Purchase pellet stove with thermal account

The new 2016 thermal account, in force throughout 2017, reimburses part of the expense incurred for the purchase ofpellet and wood stoves: the calculation of the amount analyzes various parameters, including the climatic zone of residence.

Thethermal accountfor the purchase ofpellet and wood stoves, is provided in the form ofdirect transferwith a payment to the current account of the person who made the purchase ofbiomass stoves and boilers. If the incentive does not exceed € 5,000, it will be paid in a single installment, otherwise the payment will be made in annual installments up to a maximum of five years.

The calculation of the economic contribution foreseen by thenew thermal accountit is performed according to:

  • of the nominal power of the stove or boiler chosen.
  • Of the dusty emissions into the atmosphere released by the chosen device.
  • Hours of operation calculated on average based on the Province and Municipality where the product will be installed (climatic zone to which it belongs).

Requirements: the incentive can be obtained for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems withbiomass boilers(pellet and wood stoves) with thermal power up to 2,000 kWt. In the event that the power of the system is less than 35 kW, the economic incentive will be paid in two installments while if the power exceeds 35 kW (without exceeding 2,000), the incentive will be paid in five installments.

Purchase pellet and wood stove:tax deduction at 65%

The 65% deduction applies regardless of the rated power of the appliance or the climatic zone to which it belongs. The personal income tax deduction can be obtained if the purchase of abiomass heating systemis carried out at the same time as building renovation works carried out to improve the building's energy efficiency. The maximum value of the deduction is 30,000 euros.

Purchase pellet and wood stove:tax deduction at 50%

As for the replacement of the boiler with the purchase of more performing systems or appliances a biomasslikepellet or wood stoves, much has already been said in the article dedicated to the mobile bonus “Furniture bonus for boiler replacement“.

Purchase pellet and wood stove:tax deduction at 36%

Starting from 1 January 2017, the tax deductions provided for by the Stability Law should progressively decrease. The deduction should drop to 36% both in the case of an eco-bonus (therefore a renovation to improve the efficiency of the building) and in the case of a renovation bonus.

Purchase of pellet and wood boiler or stove:is the thermal account or the tax deduction more convenient?

We specify that: everyone can access the Thermal Account as long as they replace an old heating system. On the contrary, thetax deductionsthey are available only from subjects subject to personal income tax, IRES or IRAP.

Access to tax deductions at 50% can also take place only in case of replacement of the old boiler, therefore it is not necessary to carry out a restructuring because the Revenue Agency has clarified that the replacement of the boiler is seen as an extraordinary maintenance and therefore it is possible to take advantage of the benefit.

The calculation of the thermal account takes into account several variables but, inno case, the amount of the reimbursement may exceed 65% while in the case of an eco-bonus, 65% is the standard ceiling of economic return in the form of tax relief.

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