Singapura cat: breeding and price

Singapura cat: breeding and price

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Singapura Cat, born on a trip, from Singapore to the United States, by couples of Americans who noticed felines with pleasant shapes while they were away and decided to take them home as a souvenir and then make a breed of them.

Today the Singapura cat it is in fact officially made in the USA and continues to be bred in a few specimens only by a small group of enthusiasts. Obviously overseas. Let's get to know it with images and stories, one day it will also arrive here along with everything we import from there.

Singapura cat: size

It can be easily classified among the small breeds that of the Singapura cat, often described as a miniature lynx: it weighs about 2 and a half kg and the build is small, it looks like a compact feline but it cannot be said that the body is stocky. The limbs are muscular, the paws small and oval, well proportioned with the rest of the body, as is the head: small and round.

The fairly short and muscular neck connects it to the chest, which is not protruding but toned, with one emerging from the other end of the body long tail with a nice rounded tip.

A nice feature of the Singapura cat it is the dark line that surrounds his nose, even the eyes have a marked outline, in dark brown, they are large and with an almond shape that recalls Singapore. And they are always vrdi, of a magnetic green. The ears stick out a bit funny from the skull, partly because of the rather large dimensions compared to the rest, and secondly because they remain straight upright.

Singapura cat: characteristics

Going on to describe the Singapura cat, we caress his coat, characteristic because it is tan with brown stripes on an ivory base color. It is one of the aspects that makes it recognizable and that struck its first admirers, those who made it an official breed. Today, but always, the Singapura cat it is bred exclusively in the tan-coated variety with the stripes just described, even if stripes on the legs are allowed.

Short and very soft, the hair of the Singapura cat remains adherent to the body and does not require much care. It is beautiful and remains beautiful on its own, but if we want we can comb it once a week and wipe it with a chamois cloth to increase its shine.

Other tricks to better keep a specimen of this rare breed concern the eyes: the Singapura tends to water so better make sure they are clean by passing it with a suitable product. The same is true with the ears, another “weak point” of many breeds.

Singapura cat: breeding

The official breeding of Singapura cat it is not an ancient practice, also because as a breed it has only recently been recognized internationally. The founders are two rather tiny stray cats that already had that unusual color similar to that of the lynx that still makes ours unique. Singapura cat.

Hal and Tommy Meadows, an American couple traveling on the island of Singapore, noticed the couple of "resident" cats and could not resist in front of their faces. They took the two ancestors of the Singapura Cat and brought them home starting a serious and professional breeding program, immediately arousing great interest throughout the United States.

In 1980, another American breeder, Barbara Gilberton, brought other similar specimens from Singapore helping to consolidate the characteristics of the breed. In 1984 the first Club dedicated to the Singapura Cat in order to defend its standard and obtain official investment from the various feline federations which, towards the end of the 1980s, granted it with a smile.

Singapura cat: character

They may appear shy, especially if they do not know the environment or the interlocutor, but i Singapura they are 100% affectionate cats. They immediately bond with the family that welcomes them and remain faithful and loyal. When a Singapura Cat is at ease, then he shows himself curious and lively, always active even when others pass by.

So if we are owners who like to be in the company of sly cats that laze still and quiet, this is not the breed for us. On the other hand, the Singapura cat it does not create any problems as regards coexistence both with other cats and with dogs if not too big or aggressive.Playful and sociable, this Singapore cat loves life and the domestic rhythm but if we have a garden, it likes to take a breath of fresh air to smell freedom.

Singapura cat: price

Although for the moment it is not very easy to find a specimen of Singapura cat to buy, you can still be curious about the price. A puppy can cost from a thousand euros upwards, but the figure can vary considerably depending on the availability of the moment, given that remains a niche breed of felines, for us Europeans.

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