GreenApes rewards sustainable behaviors

GreenApes rewards sustainable behaviors

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GreenApes is a social network dedicated to eco-sustainability, indeed, the social network that rewards those who live in harmony with the environment, connects those who undertake to do so by focusing on mutual emulation to create a virtuous and green wave that changes the fate of planet. So many small big actions find a place in GreenApes and in the hearts of those who are part of this community, those of others become inspirations, ours, an opportunity to be proud of their choices and to get in touch with someone who has the same sensitivity.

In Italy this reality has taken hold in Florence, in the Tuscan capital, it has begun to reward sustainable citizens by quickly attracting numerous organizations that want to collaborate. GreenApes brings together products and services related to sustainability and is to all intents and purposes the first international community that has as its primary objective the dissemination and sharing of green modus vivendi et operandi. As I am about to tell, the logic is simple and, also for this reason, effective: the better you are, the more you receive virtual coconuts which, as if by magic, turn into real discounts on products or services.

Greenapes: name and motto

GreenApes' motto is "YOU ARE NOT ALONE in the jungle", then it is immediately clear that it is a social network and that, in order to make actions and values ​​linked to eco-sustainability prevail, it is necessary to join forces and voices. On the one hand, if you are green and enter GreenApes, you know you can count on a group with the same green values, on the other hand, if there is the temptation to "pollute" your lifestyle with some dark action, you know you are not only harming yourself but also those who share the planet with you Earth and air to breathe. "GreenApesLiterally means "Green monkeys", good if you are good, if you are green like them.

Greenapes: what it is

A “social” idea like GreenApes it could only have been born from a team of experts and from a Tuscan IT services company that he thought was needed create a 2.0 network in order not only to share green ideas and actions but to make them go viral.

To become gods green apes, just sign up by logging into the platform from Facebook, choosing a nickname and a profile picture, sympathetically simian, or not. So, here we are part of a virtuous community and we can grow our green self-esteem and our circle by sharing the “green good deeds” we do every day.

At the same time, being now social, we can see what our friends are doing and copy them, if they have done something we like. Gesture after gesture, GreenApes gives us with "ankoNuts", the coconuts that bring us points and prizes, virtual and then real.

Greenapes: how it works

Including the mechanism, let's see in practice how it can change our life as soon as we join GreenApes. Through this app, in addition to carrying out "eco" actions and ideas, we can proudly flaunt them not only to brag about them with friends but also to find new opportunities to be green thanks to the community that opens our eyes to sustainable places in the area where we live or to ideas of other users to imitate. Indeed, with GreenApes we can also come into contact with many people who are not geographically close but who care about the fate of the planet like us, it is in fact a social network that acts on local and global range.

We come to awards: these Nuts are the symbol of how much positive we are doing but they are not "stars" to hang on the chest or to keep on your profile and that's it, they become gifts, discounts and special offers.

To begin, therefore, we get on a bicycle instead of always taking the car, we choose organic products and with a low-impact packaging, let's commit ourselves to separate collection, turn off lights that are not needed, at home, and we use appliances only when necessary, we do not waste food, we do not throw objects just because they were fashionable last year and not anymore. Are they sacrifices? No, they are deeds worthy of GreenApesand you will find that the world is full of them, just enter the right social network.

Greenapes: goal

If it's not clear already, let's state it: the purpose of this Social network and to create an international community of people who are interested in inspiring and feeling inspired by the actions and initiatives that individuals or groups do and share, aimed at improve the health of our planet.

It is a moment, once you enter GreenApes, change their lifestyle: already at the first posts on their green actions, seeing ourselves applauded and rewarded, we will only be able to make others and post them, perhaps competing good-naturedly with others GreenApes the conquest of tasty Nuts, obviously organic.

Greenapes: how it was born

Today it is a reality and it is a beautiful reality, we have to thank the team that created it for this, isthen the first who believed in it, even before the numerous awards, including the 2014 Sustainable Development Award, with a medal from the President of the Republic. GreenApes is accessible from iOS and Android, there is also the possibility of using the desktop application,

Who wants one preview of the application, before downloading it, you can go to visit the site of GreenApes. You will also find information and updates with nice graphics that well explain the spirit that animates this community. Before you knock on the apes' door, though, enjoy their video.

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