Sanitizing the air conditioner in the house

Sanitizing the air conditioner in the house

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Sanitizing the air conditioner in the house: some advice for sanitizing iconditionershouseholds, improve thermal efficiency and reduce bacteria.

Among the interventions ofmaintenanceto lend to the air conditioner, thedisinfectionit operates on an annual basis. Typically, forsanitize the air conditionerdomestic, we intervene with the increase in temperatures, so much so that thesanitization of air conditionersis part of the work of the many fearedspring cleaning.

Careful cleaning of the air conditioner will help us reduce the bacterial load and improve the efficiency of the appliance. Cleaning the air filters ofair conditioners and conditioners, must be performed at least once a year and you must not wait for the device to show signs of decompensation.

Air conditioner cleaning:split and outdoor unit

Air conditionersisair conditionersthey represent the source of salvation in the summer heat: they are able to cool the house, keep mosquitoes away and, sometimes, also to regulate the optimum humidity level and purify the air. Despite the gratitude we feel towards theconditioner, only a few times do we wonder about the attention to pay him.

The maintenance work on the air conditioner is essential if we want to keep the appliance efficient; to maximize energy savings and lower consumption of theconditionerwe must not think only ofdisinfectionof the internal split, it will also be necessary to clean the external unit thoroughly; arm yourself with calm, patience, a soft bristle broom and hot water, clean the external unit of the air conditioner and then return to the internal split.

Sanitizing the air conditioner:cleaning the filters

The filters retain all impurities and particles suspended in the air. Let's talk about smog, dust, pollen ... collected byair conditioner filterswhich thus become the breeding ground of germs and bacteria. To clean the filter you will have to proceed with these simple steps:

  1. identification and disassembly of filters.
  2. Washing the filters in soapy water.
  3. Rinse with soap residue removal.
  4. Drying.
  5. Reassembly.

First, identify the opening system of yoursconditioner. Each device has its own filter closure and fixing system, you can search for the user manual of your appliance or try to look at it more closely. Forremove the air conditioner filtersyou should open an interlocking door, (you will not need a screwdriver or anything else) and manually extract the filter.

Once the filter has been unlocked, remove it from the split and wash it. For a more thorough cleaning, you can immerse it in a basin with hot soapy water; use a neutral or mildly aggressive soap, we recommend using the real Marseille soap (pure and not Marseille-scented detergents!).

Before allowing the filter to dry, rinse it thoroughly, there should be no soap residues as these could worsen the air quality in your home.

Before storing thefiltersin their original accommodation, make sure they are completely dry, even humidity could worsen the air quality in your home. The humidity, together with the dirt, would create the ideal habitat for the proliferation of molds and bacteria. Mount the air filter only when it is completely dry and let it dry in the open air.

At the same time as removing the filter, while waiting for the drying time, carefully clean the indoor unit. You will need a bucket of warm water, a sponge and an absorbent cloth. Eliminate the dust accumulated in the ducting system and in the fresh air outlets.

Sanitize the air conditioner:specific products

If you have neglected the maintenance of air conditioners for a long time, you can remedy your shortcomings by using a specific sanitizing product.

Among the various market proposals we recommend theF20 sanitizing spray cleaner,offered on Amazon at a price of about 10 euros with free shipping. It is an active spray against germs and bacteria, created to break down the biological charge that accumulates in the filters and air ducts ofconditioners.

It is able to eliminate fungi, staphylococci, enterococci, enterobacteria, pseudomonas and all the main bacteria that settle in our air conditioners at home. It is a good disinfectant spray, very easy to use because it is sprayed directly into the device without having to disassemble anything.

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