Greenhouse on the balcony or terrace

Greenhouse on the balcony or terrace

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Greenhouse on the balcony or terrace: materials, dimensions and what to consider before setting up a greenhouse on the balcony or roof of the house.

Theregreenhouse on the balconyallows us not to give up plants that are more sensitive to cold even in the home. Before setting up agreenhouse on the balcony or terraceat home there are several factors to consider, first of all the materials. Theregreenhouseit must be light enough not to be a prohibitive load for the building structure of your balcony (or roof) but strong enough not to be damaged easily and above all not to be prey to the wind. A balcony or terrace greenhouse must be:

  • Wind resistant
    stable and resistant
  • Easy to move
    light and handy
  • Practice
    easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Compact
    it must be of adequate size

They exist on the marketbalcony greenhousespre-assembled for every need: they can be foldable or rigid, fixed or removable for those who want to keep the greenhouse active only from autumn to spring.

If you think ofbuild a home greenhousewith DIY, the instructions are very different from those seen for building a DIY greenhouse for the garden.

Homemade balcony greenhouse

If you are thinking ofbuild an artisanal greenhouse, wood is the best material. Who has practicality with the jobsdo-it-yourselfof wood, can build an artisanal balcony greenhouse using platforms (platforms or pallets) and semi-rigid plastic sheets. With these two materials you can build a multi-shelf, robust and resistant greenhouse with a transparent cover in semi-rigid plastic.

Those who prefer a very rigid structure can use a transparent polycarbonate cover, suitably sized. Polycarbonate is easily cut with cutters and other tools used for cutting wood. Before starting work, make a drawing of your project so as to understand the necessary dimensions.

Who does not want to use the shelves, can use sturdy plywood: calculate that the wood will have to withstand the weight of the pots full of earth.

For build the skeleton ofDIY home greenhouseyou might need:

  • 4 163 cm wooden boards with which you will make the four sides
  • 10 boards of 48 cm, to be placed sideways to the shelves
  • 15 boards of 68 cm, to be placed on the front, on the back and centrally on each shelf.
  • 4 sheets of tightly meshed wire mesh 48 x 68 cm in size.
  • 2 wooden planks for the base

Each shelf will consist of a 48 x 68 cm rectangle with a central axis that will support a tightly meshed metal mesh. The skeleton of your greenhouse can rest on two larger wooden rectangles that will act as a base allowing even the last shelf to have a minimum of drainage. The skeleton must be covered with plastic which, as stated, can be rigid or semi-rigid.

TheDIY balcony greenhousesin wood, they must then be treated and protected with impregnated varnish capable of allowing the wood to transpire and at the same time protect it from atmospheric agents.

Balcony greenhouse, materials

If only the idea ofbuild a DIY craft greenhouseyoufatigues, know that on the market you will find many offers also at affordable prices: from 20 to 100 euros. Wooden models can be more expensive.

Thebalcony greenhousescheaper are plastic. The plastic greenhouses do not disperse heat, are resistant over time and offer a cover in PVC sheets that are resistant to atmospheric agents and reclosable.

To get an idea of ​​the prices and models offered by the market, we invite you to visit the official page: balcony greenhouse on Amazon.On Amazon, in fact, there are very competitive offers proposed with free shipping costs.

Thegreenhouses from Ikea: those who want a solution can compact and need a small rigid balcony greenhouse, can point to Ikea greenhouses also visible in the photo at the end of the page. For all the specifications, please visit the page: Ikea balcony greenhouse.

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