Green Lake: the enchanted submerged forest

Green Lake: the enchanted submerged forest

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Green Lake, or more precisely "Gruner See", is not just a lake with a beautiful color: it is common during a walk in the mountains to arrive at pools of water that appear green because they are surrounded by dense forests. Our Green Lake is really a submerged forest that makes you think of a magic.

Its name is emblematic, it derives from the reflections that show its waters on which the mountain vegetation overlooks, the best time to go and check it for yourself is the month of June, when the Green Lake is green, but even in winter, it has its own charm.

Green Lake: where it is

The Green Lake is an Austrian lake, it is located near the town of Tragoss. As we will be able to see from the map further on, it is surrounded by those that are among the greenest in the world but once we arrive, we will forget the geographic coordinates of our position from how magical the place is.

Green Lake: the transformation from winter to summer

The charm of the Green Lake it is not simply the color, albeit original. You should visit it several times in different seasons, or move to its banks working remotely, in order to see its transformations. In spring and summer, with the melting of snow and glaciers, the waters flow from the mountains reaching the basin below. This is the moment when Green Lake is a true "lake".

In winter, on the contrary, it is a less green landscape, so much so that it can be renamed White Lake. The green reflection of the plants on the lake surface is immediately forgotten, comes the white, the ice: an ice rink?
In summer, however, it is time to dive since the waters almost completely cover the forest that is the during the winter green lake park. A space to be lived in, not wearing a wetsuit but a normal mountain dress, to travel paths and bridges, stopping on the benches for a snack.

At the bottom of the lake, branches, alpine herbs and even disappearing flowers grow, covered with "green" water in the ten summer weeks in which the Green Lake is a lake between June and July. Already in mid-July, the waters begin to evaporate until they almost empty for the winter.

Green Lake: temperature

Let's not forget that we are in Austria and in the mountains, so let's cover ourselves even if we are headed to Green Lake in the middle of summer: if we are unlucky we find 4 degrees centigrade, otherwise also 8. Yet those who have a passion for diving are not afraid of these numbers and it seems worth it. The choice is yours, taking into account that the temperature is in winter below zero almost permanently.

Green Lake: depth

The maximum depth of the Green Lake is what the basin reaches in the summer season: 12 meters. Whether it is a lot or a little, it is enough to give us the spectacle of a submerged forest, the promise of green secrets to be admired in the silence that only scuba divers know.

A different silence from that of those who climb, a green silence but also a little blue. In winter, the depth of the Green Lake is one or a maximum of a couple of meters, everything that from July onwards gradually re-emerges, becomes a green area accessible not only to divers but to all those who do not suffer from the cold. A a little gravel park, but also rich in curious vegetation.

Green Lake: map

The map of the Green Lake it allows us not only to locate it on a map but also to understand how it is made, how it could have been born and how we can visit it at its best.

Green Lake: video

It is not a trip for everyone, that to Green Lake, you need to have the body, the courage to face the cold, the time to reach the area. Just see this video to convince yourself that it's worth it.

Lake Resia: another lake that changes from summer to winter

Also in Italy we have a transforming lake, which in winter and summer takes on totally different appearances. And the Resia lake (Reschensee in German), it is located in South Tyrol in the municipality of Curon Venosta, north of another lake, that of San Valentino alla Muta.

Unlike the Green Lake, this is an artificial alpine lake, formed at 1,498 m a.s.l. With a capacity of 120 million cubic meters, the result of the union, by man, of three natural lakes: Lake Resia, Lake Curon (or di Mezzo) and Lake San Valentino alla Muta. This lake “fusion” that we can see today, was born as an idea already in 1910, for exploit the lakes for the production of hydroelectric energy, the works for the dam began in 1939 but between wars and setbacks, the inauguration dates back to 28 August 1949.

As for the Green Lake, also for this lake, the spectacle for the eyes is not lacking and is linked to the seasons that alternate inexorably. In winter, when the lake freezes, there is a bell tower within walking distance, an old bell tower, that of Curon (Graun) whose bells were removed on July 18, 1950, before the lake was formed. Since the atmosphere is magical, there are those who say that on some winter days they can still be heard: all that remains is to go and check in person, before or after theGreen Lake adventure.

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