Tyrolean Stube for wood heating

Tyrolean Stube for wood heating

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Tyrolean Stube, excellent for warming up even in the absence of electricity. Nobody hopes for a blackout in the cold season, but this heating method has many advantages to be aware of. It is not just a folk piece of furniture, but a plausible alternative on various occasions.

Tyrolean Stube: what it is

There Tyrolean Stube is the short and clear name of one of the best known heating systems with inertial heat storage, in fact we can also call it Tyrolean storage stove and imagine it in the classic version in majolica even if it is not the only aspect it can take on.

With the arrival of winter you can run into the Tyrolean Stube if you are exploring the biomass heating sector where there are various types of stoves and fireplaces in which they create heat through combustion and store it in their mass and then release it gradually in our rooms, giving us a pleasant feeling of domestic warmth. Even after hours and hours that the fire has been extinguished.

Tyrolean Stube: how it works

There Tyrolean Stube as well as other storage stoves, they often have two burners or even one and release a significant amount of heat after combustion has taken place inside.

The time of heat creation depends both on the type of stove, in our case we are talking about Tyrolean Stube, but also by the amount of wood we put in. It is from the heat that we want the stove to emanate. We can keep the flame for an hour, but also for over a couple of hours, then just know that the Tyrolean Stube continues to heat for a long time.

Tyrolean Stube: advantages and disadvantages

Starting from disadvantages of the Tyrolean Stube I must immediately admit that its size is by no means negligible, in a mini apartment it is certainly not the best solution unless the rest of the furniture is very minimal. Even the weight is quite high and the same goes for prices.

It is also true that you may wish to have your own built Tyrolean Stube ad hoc trying to best adapt it to the environment in which we want to insert it.

Now let's move on to advantages which are by no means few, indeed! There Stube Tirolese has a high management comfort and enviable energy efficiency. Not only that: contrary to what we may think, it does not have many emissions and lasts a long time if well maintained, including cleaning the combustion system and the flue.

Especially those who are not at home 24 hours on 24 can opt for thisTyrolean Stube because it can also work not continuously, making us avoid burning wood for nothing. We therefore save on wood and avoid emitting pollutants into the atmosphere.

Tyrolean Stube: construction

In green building the Tyrolean Stube it is much appreciated for its high energy efficiency and also for the level of comfort it is able to guarantee. Even when it comes to heating rooms located in historic buildings, it is a solution that, based on radiation, is well suited to the presence of thick and heavy walls or other construction features that put out other types of heating.

I haven't mentioned them in the advantages but they are, these two additional features of the Tyrolean Stube. First of all, it is totally independent from the electric current, and it can also be customized, both in terms of size and aesthetics.

Tyrolean Stube: prices

There are so many ways to customize it Stube because it is the one of our dreams, which is difficult to quote once and for all. However, we can say that its yields can therefore also reach values ​​higher than 90% since the fast and high flame combustion that occurs inside it ensures that the stored energy is fully exploited.

I would not know how to measure it in euros but there is a significant gain in environmental impact: in the combustion chamber the 700 ° C therefore the release of substances into the atmosphere is minimal. And with no risk of carbon monoxide spills.

Tyrolean Stube: photo

Some examples of Stube before designing your own. Let us be inspired.

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