Kaninchen German Dachshunds

Kaninchen German Dachshunds

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Kaninchen German Shorthaired Dachshunds they are very well known dogs also in Italy, not to mention how much they are adored and widespread in Germany where they are called Kurzhaariger Kaninchenteckel. They elbow in popularity with the "German Shepherd", the national dog, even if physically they are much smaller in size so often those who love one do not appreciate the other very much and vice versa.

Elongated and compact at the same time, these German dachshunds they are low on the limbs and have a very muscular physique. Of character, as soon as we get to know them, we will see that they are intelligent and very proud, they move with elegance and agility, despite the sporoportionate body which in the end is no longer noticeable given the ease with which the German dachshunds parade before our eyes.

Kaninchen German Dachshunds

The race of German dachshunds belongs to a group, the number four, which is the one with the least number of breeds, but then the distinction must be made between the nine varieties of Dachshund and we are talking here in particular about the short-haired one. The differences between one and the other are to be found above all in the type of hair or in the size of the body, all have very ancient origins, even it is said that they were present in ancestral form at the time of the ancient Egyptians.

The first official club for German dachshunds however, the "Deutscher Teckel Club" arrived much later, in 1888, and from that moment on they became extremely well known and desired. A real boom of German dachshunds, still very numerous, and among the varieties the one that first took hold is precisely the one with the short hair from which all the others derive. Today they can no longer be crossed, by order of the Federation.

German short-haired dachshunds

First variety developed among all German dachshunds, the one with the short hair is very common in Italy and has a dense, shiny, smooth and adherent coat to the body but without areas without hair. We find both German dachshunds unicolour, both of two colors, only fawn, fawn tending to yellow, or yellow with or without black streaks. When there are two colors, the dark or brown or gray or white background, and brown-rust or yellow markings appear above the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle and under the lower lip, on the chest, in the inner part of the thighs, on the feet.

The physicist of German dachshunds it is compact and elongated but robust and solid, the rib cage seen from the front is oval, well extended backwards, the head is elongated and narrows towards the black nose and has large roots.

The jaws are noticeable because they are robust and very extended, the ears are long and set high, they have well rounded tips, the eyes have an oval shape and a lively and at the same time friendly expression. Only the tail of the gods is missing German dachshunds which tapers towards the extremity, always covered with short hair like the body.

German wirehaired dachshunds

They are not physically very different from short-haired ones, in physical structure, and also in character, but if you want to know their character and their origins you can read the article Wirehaired dachshund.

German dachshunds: breeding

In Italy for years i German short-haired dachshunds, are very numerous, about 3000 specimens are those registered by ENCI, so the real quantity will be even greater. At the same time, farms also abound, ENCI on its website reports a hundred scattered from North to South.

German dachshunds: price

The cost of German dachshunds it is not very high above all because it is very widespread. In fact, it is a dog of great quality that could cost much more than the competition, however, and the laws of the market, mean that it can also cost 400-500 euros.

Let's check it out i more recurring defects, however, as if deviated, the colors of the coat different from those of the standard, the limbs twisted, an incorrect movement, the frail constitution, the saddle back, the ears with too high set and the skull too broad or too narrow.

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